John Dennis for California District 8 - San Francisco

By: Mike Shedlock | Thu, May 6, 2010
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It's long overdue we elect Congressional representatives who will uphold the constitution, are fiscally conservative, and genuinely want to do something about bureaucratic waste and massive government spending.

This is the third in a series of five profiles of candidates who I believe when elected will make a huge difference.

I strongly endorse John Dennis for California District 8.

Please check out where John Dennis stands on the issues.

Those are a sampling of issues. Please click on the initial issues link to see more, or expand the above issues for more details on any particular issue.

My good friend, talk show host Charles Goyette, interviewed each of 5 candidates I am recommending. The interviews are about 15 minutes long.

Please click on this link to download and play the John Dennis Interview with Charles Goyette.

John Dennis has an uphill battle against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This is what Dennis has to say ...

Email From John Dennis

Hi Mish,

Somebody's got to take the fight to Nancy Pelosi. No Democrat or typical Republican can challenge her in San Francisco, even though she's vulnerable on so many issues.

However, a pro-liberty Republican can. We can challenge Ms. Pelosi for helping bankrupt the country. We can challenge her for blocking H.R. 1207, the "Audit the Fed" bill.

And a pro-liberty candidate can also challenge her for continuing both wars, for hypocrisy on civil liberties, for failing to address the burden of 700+ foreign military bases.

That's why we're already polling at 2.5 times what the Republican challenger received in this district in 2008. And 25% of the likely voters don't know my name yet. When voters hear my positions, and as we unleash the power of the volunteers who drive the liberty movement, Ms. Pelosi will finally have to defend her record. And that's not a position she wants to be in.

Scott Brown was down 20% with 30 days left. As people learn about this campaign, as voters in this district are forced to examine Nancy Pelosi's real record, as our team goes house by house, precinct by precinct winning votes, the media, and Ms. Pelosi, will realize that what was not possible before is possible now.

Nancy Pelosi will face her record and a real opponent this year. And with the right breaks and support we can make history together.

Our campaign has a primary June 8th. We're leading the race, but our opponent is still in it. We want to put this race to rest and get on with the main event. So please support my campaign and get us into position to take on Nancy Pelosi.

In liberty,

It is not often voters get a chance to elect a candidate of the quality of a Ron Paul or John Dennis.

Please do what you can to Support John Dennis. If you wish to volunteer time, please Contact John Dennis.



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