SILVER Elliott Wave Technical Analysis - Charts Only

By: Lara Iriarte | Thu, Jul 10, 2014
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Main Wave Count.

Silver Main Wave Count Daily Chart
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Silver Main Wave Count Hourly Chart
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Alternate Wave Count.

The triangle is starting to look strange because the overshoot of the A-C trend line for minor wave E looks too big. Therefore, I have the alternate idea below.

Silver Alternate Wave Count Daily Chart
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Silver Alternate Wave Count Hourly Chart
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The end of minor wave B, the ending diagonal of minuette wave (v), does not have a good fit. This reduces the probability of this wave count. The main wave count has a better fit for this piece of movement.



Lara Iriarte

Author: Lara Iriarte

Lara Iriarte

Lara Iriarte

Elliott wave is one of the more difficult and complicated technical analysis tools. When done right it can be uncannily accurate.

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