Fiat Money Produces Endless Sea of Wars, Debt ...

By: Mike Shedlock | Mon, Jul 25, 2011
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...Social Inequality, Economic Bubbles, Rampant Consumerism, Environmental Rape; Why Gold is the Answer

My friend Dominic Frisby put together an interesting video on the rationale for a gold standard.

link if above video does not play: Gold: Independent Money

A gold standard will not cure every social ill in the world, nor will it stop all senseless wars. Nothing will. However, by now it should be clear to everyone that the current fiat system is good only for bankers, brokers, politicians, war mongers, and the already wealthy. Everyone else loses as inflation eventually eats away at what's left of the rapidly shrinking 'middle class'.

All fiat currencies including the US dollar are doomed. The only debate is the path it takes to get there.

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