Reflections on the Yellen Taper-Hike Announcement; What Does the Fed Know?

By: Mike Shedlock | Thu, Mar 20, 2014
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Yesterday everyone was gaga over the news Yellen might actually hike interest rates a few months earlier than they thought. Will she? Won't she?

It all depends on the state of the economy. What does the Fed know? The answer is a lot less than anyone thinks. Really, the Fed is clueless.

About the only comment regarding yesterday's FOMC announcement that I saw worth mentioning came today from Saxo Bank Chief economist Steen Jakobsen.

Via email, Steen pinged me with this comment earlier today.

The "surprise" in the FOMC announcement was that the consensus among FOMC members for hike seems to have moved forward to June 2015 (from September-December). Personally, I think it's more positioning creating volatility than actual belief in that FOMC projection. An excellent example of Fed's lack of reality during the 2008 crisis was released earlier this year and a nice summary was done by New York Times: The Fed's actions in 2008: What the transcripts reveal.

Please, do not think for one minute that FOMC have any clue about the economy six months from and even less so looking into 2015.

What Does the Fed Know?

I gave my own look into what the Fed knew or didn't in Hilarious Transcripts of Fed Minutes from 2008 Reveal Completely Clueless Fed.

Is the Fed any less clueless today than 2008?

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