SPX 500 Elliott Wave Analysis

By: Elliottwave-Forecast | Mon, Apr 20, 2015
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SPX500 dropped sharply on Friday in 5 waves. A 5 wave move doesn't always mean that trend has reversed as a 5 wave move could be part of an Elliott Wave FLAT correction as well which we think was the case here as our bullish pivot at 3/26 (2044.92) low never gave up. As this weekend updated charts shows, we were expecting the rally to resume to new highs as per the primary view.

SPX Elliott Wave Analysis Chart 1
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As the updated chart below shows, we have seen a good reaction higher from the lows supporting the view that dip on Friday completed an Elliott wave FLAT correction. Preferred view now calls for a pull back in wave "b" to hold above 2072 low & continuation higher. We don't like selling the Index in proposed wave "b" pull back and as far as 2072 low remains in place, we would expect more upside toward 2121 -2138 area to complete wave "W" before another 3 wave pull back in wave "X' is seen.

Until 4/15 (2112) high doesn't break, another leg lower can't be completely ruled out but the best part is traders who bought the dip on Friday (after 5 waves down from 2112) high should now be in a risk free position. If it makes another low below 2072, then it would be a simple a-b-c down from 2112 high and should still turn higher as far as pivot at 2044.92 low remained intact in our system. Only a break of this pivot would open another extension lower.

SPX Elliott Wave Analysis Chart 2
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