NZDUSD Short-Term Elliott Wave Analysis

By: Elliottwave-Forecast | Wed, Apr 29, 2015
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Preferred Elliott Wave view suggests NZD/USD is doing a 7 swing (WXY) structure up from 4.1.2015 low. 3 waves up to 0.7740 completed wave "W" followed by a 3 wave pull back to 0.7534 which we think complete a FLAT in wave X. Afterwards, the pair continued the rally higher and completed wave ((w)) at 0.7740.

We are now expecting a pull back in wave ((x)) to correct the cycle from red X low (0.7534) in 3, 7 or 11 swings followed by another push higher toward 0.7860 - 0.7937 area before decline resumes. 50 - 61.8 fib area of wave ((w)) as of now lies between 0.7638 - 0.7613. Pivot at 0.7534 low should remain intact during proposed ((x)) wave pull back for us to see 1 more push higher as shown on the chart. Once we have seen the next leg higher toward 0.7860 - 0.7937, we expect to see sellers in that area for 3 waves lower at minimum.

NZDUSD Short-Term Elliott Wave Analysis Chart
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