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Holy Nuclear Cows

5/30/2008 9:59:44 PM

Hello Everybody, Welcome to my newsletter

To learn more about my Fat Pitch ETF Advisory, please click here.

Trade Actions:

Buy SRS Ultrashort Real Estate @ 84.80 or Better
Sell Short RCD Consumer Discretionary @ 39.5 or Better
Buy FBT Biotech @ 23.2 or Better

Market Outlook/Potential Opportunities:

The US Stock Market probably still has another Major leg to the downside. Before that happens, I think a short-term bounce to the upside could happen here. We are in that bounce and it is a weak one. Still there are pockets of strength as seen by our Emerging Cancer Fund. Biotech is also looking good and we are trying to enter into it at our price. We also are trying to set up Short positions. Still looking at ITB home construction and IAT regional banks as shorts, but need a rally to sell into. We will also be looking at a few more shorts in the Stock Market. You cannot sell short in an IRA, so I am looking at a couple of funds that you can buy, which are short on that index. A good example is we are trying to buy SRS Ultra short Real Estate. For those of you that cannot get short an Index, these Short and Ultra short Funds will do that for you. We are looking very good on our Inflation Hedges. Nuclear and Livestock are doing very well. Palladium and Biofuel and Water will definitely kick it up. That is why I would prefer not to have a stop on them. If we get filled on these three new Trade recommendations, it will put us right where we need to be at 11 positions. It will fluctuate, but this is ideal. Also, I believe in diversification 90 %of the time. (Base hits will score a lot of runs.), but if I see a unbelievable Fat Pitch and I need to remove some under performers in order to swing for the fence, that is what we must do.

Current Long Portfolio:

Long CGW Global Water @ 25.55 It closed at 25.16 None
Long ( 2 ) PAL Palladium Fund @ 6.55 It closed at 5.68 None
Long EWT iShares Taiwan @ 15.65 It closed at 16.23 Stop @ 16
Long NLR Nuclear Energy @ 32.59 It closed at 35.81 Stop @ 33
Long COW iPath Livestock@ 44.39 It closed at 44.89 Stop @ 43.5
Long HHJ Emerging Cancer @ 16.28 It closed at 16.23 Stop @ 15
Long FUE Elements BioFuel @ 10.0 It closed at 10.09 None

Current Short Portfolio:

REM Mortgage Real Estate Investments Trust @25.2 It closed at 25.17

Recently Closed Positions
Long DBB @ 25.60 Stopped Out @ 24.5

Thank You
If you have any questions, please e mail me bill@stockbarometer.com.


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