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Dollar Alternatives

The Rothschild Cabal controls (effectively owns) the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Its currency to control all or most of the world has been the dollar since WWI; before then, it was the British pound. At the present time, the Cabal seems to be trying to save the dollar in order to keep using it for exploitation, profits, gain and control around the world. Yet, when the dollar finally ends in the trash can, the Cabal will assuredly shift its currency of global power to the EURO (this eventuality seems certain).

In the meantime, the Cabal is working to continue using the dollar for world power as long as possible--primarily because the US military and US CIA both work for and support Rothschild profit and control objectives thru out the world. The US military with its technological capacity for advanced warfare is still formidable today (but this is rapidly changing since both Russia and China have also developed powerful military forces).

US stocks and US Treasuries are linked to the dollar. Though it is now difficult to keep US stocks up, the Cabal more easily focuses on keeping the US dollar and US Treasuries afloat. The Cabal does this by several means; one of which is to suppress the value of precious metals, foreign currencies and almost all commodities. This is one of the key reasons why gold and silver have been so suppressed and almost continuously crushed since WWII. The world has gone along with this arrangement for the last many years.

As long as the US had something to sell to the world, this was good for foreign nations. But the US has transitioned from a producing nation into a consuming nation. We produce almost nothing of value to the world now; except nuclear bombs, implements of war, and a few grains for food. But increasingly, other nations are producing these items. For example, the production of weapons of war is shifting to other nations because the US labor market has priced itself out of the competition.

Nuclear items are still primarily in the US domain (i.e., a Feb 2010 report by Michael Chossudovsky of Global Research says that the US has secretly sold nuclear bombs to Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands); but even this is changing as other nations are developing their own nuclear technologies.

Moreover, through weather manipulation and control, the Cabal is trying hard to limit or destroy the production of grains and other food stuffs except to nations playing on the Rothschild team. This has meant Rothschild directed weather warfare on Cabal enemies like Iran, Venezuela, China, etc.

Since increasingly the US is broke, and has thru Cabal manipulations played havoc on the global economies (in general, thru fiat currencies, inflation and by the introduction and promotion of multiplied trillions of dollars in derivatives), the world economy has turned into a mess, primarily because of the US, under Rothschild Cabal control and direction.

To deal with the inflation and global derivatives problems it created, the Rothschild Cabal has been pursuing a deflation and depression policy in many Cabal controlled nations--like in North America and Europe (as is described in Understanding Money and War XIV at www.analysis-news.com). This depression in the US and Britain has caused a ripple in the form of a serious recession in much of the rest of the world, primarily because of the realization that the US has no money to continue to buy foreign made goods, and the certainty that anything still be sold to the US will never be paid for (since the US produces little or nothing of value to export and is bankrupt in terms of its own money).

With this Rothschild Cabal directed downturn (to make profits and try to save the system for the Cabal bankers, as much as possible), the Cabal owned Fed has periodically acted in consort with other Rothschild controlled central banks (in Europe, Britain, Canada and Japan) to boost the dollar ridiculously high. This result, coupled with the Rothschild Cabal directed depression in the US, has caused some of the more independent, non-Rothschild controlled countries in the world (in Asia, South America and the Middle East) to begin to address the prospects of abandoning the dollar.

Dollar Alternatives

One of the moves being made is to create trading blocs that are opposed to the Rothschild Cabal dominated US and Britain. Perhaps the most important one of these trading blocs is the so-called BRIC nations made up of Brazil, Russia, India and China. These nations are busy using currency swaps between themselves and with other nations to conduct international trade by completely bypassing the Cabal controlled US and US dollar.

Another big development in the past couple of years is the desire of some nations to develop regional currency blocs which also bypass the US and Britain. There are at least two of these in process right now which will act to freeze the dollar out.

The most important one here is the new Persian Gulf currency called the Gulfo. This one involves the Gulf Cooperative Council -- made up of Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates (which includes Dubai, now being manipulated and attacked regularly by the Rothschild Cabal--perhaps to persuade the UAE to stay away from the Gulfo).

A second important one involves a bloc called ALBA. It is being built on a new currency called the Sucre. It involves the nations of Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominica, Saint Vincent and Antigua and Barbuda. Interestingly, since this thing kicked off, much of South America/the Caribbean has been hit with bad weather (El Nino, drought, etc) and earthquakes. Whether there is a connection between the two is not totally clear to all observers.

But we must pull our heads out of the sand on this matter and not be so naive to discount the work of the Rothschild Cabal (and its puppets at DARPA) to do strange things that interfere in nature. Hopefully, people at the single digit IQ level should be careful about laughing at this writer for daring to bring up the issue of weather control by the Cabal. But I must say that in my 76 years on this planet, I never heard of El Nino in respect to North America until HAARP and Chem-trails started some 10-15 years ago. Is there a connection? I submit that only an idiot or fool would dismiss such a possibility out of hand without some thought and research.

Too, it must be said that Iraq and Iran both individually and on their own tried to bypass the Rothschild dollar. This invited the destruction of Iraq. And the Cabal is now promoting a process for the US to attack and destroy Iran. So it can be very dangerous for a nation to try to create and use any other currency for international trade beyond the Rothschild owned US dollar. Yet, for the reasons cited above, there are motions underway to do just that -- break the power of the dollar to rule the global financial world.

Finally, there is something else on currencies which must be causing some concern among Cabal masters in London. On this, the American Free Press of Mar 1, 2010 had a story by Pat Shannan on "Struggling Towns Begin Printing Their Own Cash." It told of a movement in the US for some local municipalities/entities to begin printing and using their own cash. Shannan named localities in Indiana, New York, Michigan, California, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. They include such diverse places as Detroit, MI; North Fork, CA; Piedmont, NC; and Ithaca, NY.

The Current Rothschild Cabal Methods to Try to Save the Dollar

For the dollar, it has to be noted that the dollar index involves the EURO (57.6%), the Japanese Yen (13.6%), the Canadian Dollar (9.1%), the British Pound (11.9%), the Swedish Krona (4.2%) and the Swiss Franc (3.65%). The manipulation of these six currencies determines what the dollar does on its index.

Starting in late 2007 and 2008, the Fed introduced currency swaps, with these currencies, to boost the falling dollar from 71 on the index up to 89 (as covered in the Goldsmiths 62, 96, 122, and 124 at www.analysis-news.com and www.goldseek.com). This proved highly successful to help the dollar and US bonds. It also acted to really knock gold, silver and other commodities down hard (with Cabal insider help in selling commodities short to drive prices down). But since this Fed manipulation received an inordinate amount of news coverage from the alternative media, the Fed started phasing out these swaps in 2009.

As I have written to subscribers at www.analysis-news.com, it seemed to me that the Cabal would try once more to repeat the general scenario of 2008 where it moved the dollar and Treasuries up and hit gold, silver and other commodities down hard. That possibility is still on the table today.

But the question has been how the Cabal will bring this thing into being since it had largely abandoned the currency swaps in 2009. Well, the recent news about Greece shows precisely how the Cabal could right now be at work to repeat 2008.

Since the EURO constitutes some 57.6% of the dollar index, it is manifestly clear that a crash of the EURO will really boost the dollar. And since the Rothschild Cabal owns and controls the world's primary media sources (along with most of the central banks and currencies in the world), it has been no problem in arranging/promoting a pending debt collapse in Greece (thru the aid and assistance of Goldman Sachs which worked with Greece to set the present Greek problem into play some time ago).

The Rothschild media has hyped this so-called Greek thing into the sky. And, as suspected, it has driven the EURO down hard and boosted the dollar back into insanity at near 81 on the index. While this boost hasn't yet beat gold down hard, we must pull our heads out of the sand and realize that continued dollar strength could easily bring trouble to precious metals. So, along with the Grecian problem, can the Cabal ignite more problems in the currencies making up the dollar index? Could these manipulations bring a return to the dollar to the high 80s?

Right now, it looks like the Cabal is using scare tactics like the Greek debt trouble to boost the dollar. Since the Cabal owns the ECB and the EURO, I cannot perceive that it wants to intentionally hurt the EU or the EURO. What it wants to do is to boost the US dollar and US Treasuries. When the present motion-up for the dollar ends, we can bank on it that the Cabal will reverse stream and find a solution to the Greek problem which will allow the EURO to go back up.

One must remember that one of the ways the Cabal players use to rip us off is to continuously make the markets move up and down (like an oscillating fan, yo-yo or accordion). The Cabal insiders make big profits this way. It uses the Rothschild controlled media, governments, exchanges, and other market agencies to help do this. A perfect example has been the above cited Greek crisis.

What Can Happen

Now, let me bring up some more questions on what the future could entail with the power of the Rothschild Cabal to manipulate the dollar up and down at will by manipulating the six currencies that make up its index value.

Gold and silver advocates and investors have for some time been postulating a so-called paper price for gold and silver (based on Cabal and COMEX manipulations) in comparison with what some call the actual market price. In that sense, we have quite a disparity between the Rothschild Cabal paper prices for gold and silver and the real world market prices (after all, many people are beginning to understand that both gold and silver are worth far more than what the Cabal tells us with the futures prices on the COMEX).

In watching the Cabal at work, it is clear to me that it has the power to generally set and control the so-called paper prices for currencies as well as gold, silver and commodities, via the futures' markets. With this backdrop, is it not possible that we all of a sudden can have a very high index valuation for the dollar which is totally unrealistic for the markets in Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries (outside of the Cabal controlled nations in Europe, North America and the White British Commonwealth--Britain, Australia, New Zealand, etc)?

Is it possible with the above cited new trading bloc currency swaps and with the new regional currencies that the dollar alternatives in the non-Rothschild controlled world will gain momentum to cause a difference in the real market value of the dollar vis-a-vis the Cabal induced paper value? Is it possible that we will have a valuation of the dollar on the index which is not being used by the rest of the world (outside of the Cabal controlled nations in North America, Europe and the White British Commonwealth)?

While this disparity has not been consistent for gold and silver (since gold and silver contracts trade monthly and would allow big buyers to actually buy at the paper prices on the COMEX on a monthly basis), it is more plausible that a disparity could develop in the currencies with their less frequent contracts (at four a year). In other words, is it possible that the Cabal will maintain some control on the value of the dollar in North America, Europe and the White British Commonwealth while the rest of the world ignores the Cabal induced prices and establishes its own valuation figures for the dollar?

I don't have the complete answer to all of these questions at this time. But they must be on the table of possibilities and be given some thought as we go along.

The Bottom Line

There are still some more variables in this mix which perhaps only the Rothschild Cabal bosses know and understand for sure. First, we must not lose sight of a possible huge natural disaster in the US which could completely change things (as covered in the Goldsmiths 94 study at www.analysis-news.com). Next, there is the Iran wild card. I submit that the Cabal has had Iran on schedule for a hard attack by Cabal puppets since the Iraq assault in 2003.

Frankly, I have looked for this attack for some time; but with the realization that the US requires a long lead time even when it is attacking some small insignificant country with little or no defenses to the US arsenal of highly advanced attack systems. I keep thinking that this thing can soon kick off (like maybe in the spring or summer of 2010).

The point is that a natural disaster or the Rothschild attack on Iran may upset the applecart for the present move up of the dollar and suppression of gold, silver and other commodities. By all means, the Rothschild Cabal could easily lose some of its control over the markets to upset its plans for the future.

In the Goldsmiths series of articles (at www.analysis-news.com and www.goldseek.com), I first brought this question of Rothschild loss of control up in Aug 2008; and I have frequently discussed it since then (now, others are hopping on the idea; though not mentioning its extended discussion in the Goldsmiths for the past 19 months). While I can't perceive a Rothschild Cabal loss of control as being permanent in the short and medium terms, it may last long enough for gold to go into the sky.

Readers of the above article are invited to visit www.analysis-news.com and become a subscriber to regularly read some of the material from the world of information which will further reveal how extensive the manipulation, control and dishonesty realities are in the financial, currency and commodity markets, not only in the US but indeed around the world. To go to the Home Page of this web site, click here: www.analysis-news.com.


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