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Billionaires Are Pushing Art To New Limits

Billionaires Are Pushing Art To New Limits

Welcome to Art Basel: The…

Market Sentiment At Its Lowest In 10 Months

Market Sentiment At Its Lowest In 10 Months

Stocks sold off last week…

Steve Bauer

Steve Bauer

Steve owned a privately held asset management firm and managed individual investor and corporate accounts as a Registered Investment Advisor - for over 40 years.

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Investing Wisely -- Update with Recommendations and Personalized Follow-Up

Brief Intro:

As you may recall in late August, I suggested that there would soon be a Buying Opportunity. Although I was correct, you might also recall I decided to Pass on this investment opportunity due to a 250 point first day spike in the Dow. I repeat, in 20 / 20 hind-sight - it has been painful not to have participated. Too conservative I guess?

However, the market is now setting up for yet another Pullback, and I intend to do my best to "participate". My current forecast is that this anticipated pullback is perhaps a few of days, a week or more, down the line.

So, with the above brief update and mini-forecast in hand:

I believe that specific Company - Short Sale - Shorts and Inverse ETF - Buys - Recommendations will be provided by me to SafeHaven rather soon, just like in my April 8th Update / Recommendations.

Special Assessment of the Current Marketplace:

My "Forecasting" is doing very well, but what is happening currently in the marketplace cannot be adequately explained in a "Forecast". So, I would like to tell you a Story, and it is about the "Indices" vs. the "Internals". Few Investors really understand the principle of "Internals" because they are so obscured and concealed by both the data itself and the media who seldom writes about it. The same is true about "Rotation" and the two are deeply interlinked.

In brief, the good guys are the "Internals" / "Rotation" and the not such good guys are the "Indices".

Let me see if I can explain. Every single security on all exchanges is constantly Rotating in and out of favor and perhaps back again. This is a fact on both a fundamental (Valuations) basis and on a technical (Cycles) basis.

Therefore, internally there is much rotation going on and are a number of inter-woven cycles doing their thing, day after day, with individual securities / companies. Each of them, including their Industry Groups are jumping from cycle (a) to cycle (b) and then to cycle (z) in a complex and random and "rotating" manner. The (a), (b) to (z) metaphor includes the English and all other alphabets of all other languages. Now I would call that - "Complex" - and it is!

There are always many Companies and Industry Groups that are currently NOT making new highs along with the Indices in bull market environments, or new lows along with the Indices in bear market environments. The Banking Industry Group, most recently had an inter cycle pullback, within this current rally and started to rally again, only to fall back even more. You might want to look at some of the Bank securities one your charts and follow these guys in the coming weeks, and you will see what I mean. Their cycle was recently not in phase with the marketplace, but maybe this coming week it will get back in phase and maybe not? You may also want to review my SafeHaven, Oct. 18th Article on Bank of America.

If you are still following me - then you will understand that Industry Groups Rotate in and out of favor, both fundamentally and technically. So as an example, last week and next week, etc., etc. a new Industry Group (perhaps several other Industry Groups) will definitely rotate out of phase with the Indices and do the same in the week beyond, etc., etc. That's how it works and that is why I often say in my Blog: it was a "Balanced" week. Most Investors would understand my remark to be that the marketplace was flat, neither up nor down very much. (this past week was an excellent example). What I was actually sharing is that while one Industry Group was going down another Industry Group was going up, thus creating a "Balance". That means that there was "Rotation" going on "Internally" and the Indices had no clue. They simple presented the numbers with no details. It"s the "details" that permit making profits, not the simple data that the media presents each day.

It's a "Choppy" and "Bifurcated" marketplace, and that is why everyone seems to be saying "they can't figure it out".

With all this Rotation is going on - Internally - a very high percentage of the Investors, Financial Analysts and Asset Managers just can"t see it, picture it, get a handle on it, or understand it! And that, my friends, is why they are losing money, and I am in CASH!

I hope you are beginning to understand, just a little more about my rather unique analytics / work. Fundamentals must carry the heaviest weight and Technical Analysis is a necessary supporting and confirming part of the matrix.

Now I will try to make you smile just a bit and offer yet another point. It is rather simple but often not what Investors do when investing their money. It is sustained "Momentum" (a trend), in one direction or the other that is necessary for you to make money consistently. It is said, and I agree, that the General Market has about a 60% influence on whether or not you are making money. That means - Being in Phase with the marketplace is a requirement. Until an Inflection Point occurs, and - at or around that Inflection Point you invest your money - I suggest you are wasting your time, and you are just churning your money.

In this current "Choppy" and "Bifurcated" marketplace, that is what most Investors and nearly all Mutual Funds are doing. Kind of dumb and a waste, don't you think?

So that is my Mini-Forecast and Story for this Sunday. Maybe I"ll be back to a normal / simple - mini-forecast next Sunday.


No Commentary this Week.

My Bottom Line:

* I am holding 100% Cash.

* Patience and Discipline - waiting for my list of Fundamental, Consensus and Technical - "Conformations" to all fall into place is part of the necessary process for "Investing Wisely".

* Inflection Points historically have occurred about three - five times per annum. We have already had 5 clear and meaningful Inflection Points so far this year.

* In my late August posting, I said: "The Market is now (very possible) setting up for another meaningful but likely (short in duration) Rally!"

* Now it looks just the opposite. One of these days this choppy and bifurcated market (late April to date) will do something meaningful and the next possibility of that is a Pullback.

* High Volatility may not currently be showing up on VIX - lately, but it is clearly - alive and well.

I"ll Update these opinions and thoughts - promptly if Market Conditions change.

If you would like to have:

* An Email from me at the time I Sell / Cover my specific Recommendations exclusively for SafeHaven readers.

* Information about my Work / Methodology / Services, or of my personal and professional background.

* My performance record while contributing with SafeHaven.

* My on going Research / Analytics Commentary, 2 -3 times each week you may want to become a "Follower" of my personal / private Blog.

- - - just send me an Email, and I will respond promptly - - -

Thank you for your time in reading my "stuff" and continued interest in my work.

Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",


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