"No warning can save people determined to grow suddently rich" - Lord Overstone

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Tesla Tumbles As Investors Lose Patience

Tesla Tumbles As Investors Lose Patience

As Tesla’s Model 3 looks…

Trump's Trade War Nears Boiling Point

Trump's Trade War Nears Boiling Point

Trump’s trade war appears to…

Boris Chikvashvili

Boris Chikvashvili

Boris Chikvashvili was supposed to be a theoretical physicist (Russia+Jerusalem Hebrew University, MS Physics, with distinction, toyed with QUARKS). Somewhere on the road to PHD…

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Six Day Market Forecast

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Dear Reader, ABOVE, we attempt to sum up the latest developments and precise predictions (for next 6 days) and approximate ideas about intermediate term.

We believe that markets are in the last gasp of their advancement and even that was not deserved, if it was not for the money FED has diverted from workers, retirees and savers to the those that are strong already and can afford and had large equity holdings before the bottom of the market. Please note, I was born and raised in communist USSR and have unlimited dislike for communism (and even more for communists). I have learned early on that symbols and terms mean nothing.

Most/All political systems get corrupted sooner or later and as it stands today we are witnessing almost a total take over of the political apparatus by money interests.

There is nothing wrong with making money, but there a lot of wrong in distributing the money from the savers and retirees to already rich and connected.

Unfortunately, lie and beautify as they may, all systems work the same way. Longer they have been around more corruption sets in and those connected become infinitely greedy, infinitely corrupt the politicians and grab as much as they can without any regard morality. I will not get into the details how Central Bankers produce money out of the thin air( more like out of the pockets of savers/workers and retirees and into those who hold a lot of equity/assets) but, in my best understanding,. any system that does not distribute "NEW MONEY" equally to each citizen is badly flawed. There is enough Darwinism in any social setup as it is. When certain citizenry (SOPITALISTS) are most favored by "NEW MONEY/LOAN" even the Darwinism falls apart and the winners are chosen (hand picked) by few that regardless of their best intentions CANNOT DO JUSTICE. For example: A big deal was made of the fact that Banks have RETURNED the money borrowed from TARP Program. HMM... and what did they do with the money as the the markets bottomed at SPX=666 and reached 900?. They, most likely, made double and triple as they were the only ones with money and COURAGE and inside knowledge (FED WILL PRINT ALL THAT IS NEEDED) (:- to buy at 666=SPX (Of course our subscribes did too as we predicted 666 as likely bottom in January 2009).


But you already know. These Banksters are chosen people. Did not one of them say that much by pronouncing that "They are doing Gods Work" Great. If Gods Work means to put weakest citizens under deficit, destroy their pensions and receive bailouts and bonuses and in the process make everything more expensive( especially food and gasoline) then you know that must be the GODS WORK.


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