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Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

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What's Behind The Global EV Sales Slowdown?

An economic slowdown in many…

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True Price of Gold & Silver

Dr T is the messenger of Truth, as of October 14th, 2004

the TRUE PRICE of GOLD (in US$) is AT LEAST:

  M3 M1 M1-currency
10% backed $3,533/oz - -
50% backed - $2,586/oz -
100% backed - - $2,632/oz

(based on 1:15 gold to silver ratio):

  M3 M1 M1-currency
10% backed $236/oz - -
50% backed - $172/oz -
100% backed - - $175/oz

The True price of gold is at least $3,533/oz & silver is at least $236/oz,
based on 10% backed M3 money supply.

The True price of gold is at least $2,586/oz & silver is at least $172/oz,
based on 50% backed M1 money supply.

The True price of gold is at least $2,632/oz & silver is at least $175/oz,
based on 100% backed currency notes.

If Dr T can find someone who'll sell him gold and silver for less than their true prices, based on whichever monetary-backing system he considers honest, then Dr T will keep trading his currently worthless paper dollars for more valuable ounces of physical silver and gold.

With each passing day, central bankers and our corrupt governments create more fiat paper money. As a result, the true prices of silver and gold continue to increase with each passing moment, until the day shall arrive that the federal reserve, and all other central bankers, will be forced to terminate their unethical counterfeiting of money. One by one, all nations will return to gold and silver backed money.

Until then, keep on buying physical gold and silver, for they are the pillars of monetary truth, and truth is the key to success. Without it, all that follows is built on a shoddy foundation, and the waters of time gradually (and sometimes swiftly, depending on your time scale) erode away the very underpinning of all our endeavors.

All people, even those working central banks and government, must surely know that truth will reign supreme. In the meanwhile, they keep lying about the real rate of inflation, over-valued housing, debt bubbles, stock bubbles, unethical wars, off-shoring of manufacturing/engineering, and the list goes on and on.

But keep on lying Mr. Federal Reserve and Mr. Demopublican/Repubcrat, because Dr T will keep preaching the truth to all citizens of the world. Dr T is merely a messenger of the truth, and he intends to bash it into everyone's thick skulls, from value investors, to technical traders, to lumpkin investors, to lying career politicians, to Joe and Jane Six-pack ... that fiat money is evil and must be defeated.

Appendix: Data employed in calculations
Current M3 = $9258.8B (not seasonally adjusted, most recent week average)
Current M1 = $1355.3B (not seasonally adjusted, most recent week average)
Current M1-currency = $689.5B (not seasonally adjusted)
Supposed US Treasury Gold Reserves = 262M oz

CAVEAT: If the Federal Reserve or any other party has stolen our gold reserves (God help them, for was this not US citizens' gold?) for the purposes of selling it to suppress the price, then the true price of gold in US dollars will be much higher than any of the numbers presented - you do the math...you do know how to divide by zero don't you?

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