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Boris Chikvashvili

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Govspiracy? OIL Dump

Dear Readers, In our previous articles we predicted the following sequence of events
1) Lower OIL in immediate/intermediate future
2) $500/barrel OIL in relatively longer run

Well, the first event has happened, mostly and is still in the process. As the chart depicts the initial lows in OIL are expected around July. The next process of $500/Barrel OIL will unfold later on, as the only choice, besides total collapse in dollar, (which I don expect) for USA to rescue itself from the GREEK TRAGEDY of its own.

The concise report detailing how and why USA will be instrumental in driving OIL to such highs is available upon request via email to bchikvash@aol.com

Gold and Oil
Larger Image

Above Picture depicts the SEE-FUTURE predictor ( blue line), USO/OIL (dark line) and GLD (golden line). This tool is capable predicting the OIL and GOLD many months ahead. Chart is shifted one year, so JULY 10 is July 2011 in reality. The chart is updated to June 24 2011. Prediction is not precise and will never be, but as a guide to future events its value cannot be underestimated.

Now, if you are like our subscribers, who anticipated the lower OIL prices around July 2011 many months ahead and you see this information over the wires:

" The United States and other oil-consuming nations said Thursday they plan to release 60 million barrels of oil from government reserves over the next month in a bid to push down soaring energy prices."

Then this question, naturally, pops in our mind. "How come, this event happens, just when OIL was stubbornly hanging above $100/barrel, refusing to meet the expectations?" Good Question. Whose expectation, is another question upon that question. Well, we do not like to consider everything in conspiracy frame, but follow this logic:

If antisopitalist.org knows/expects the OIL prices to drop around July, then there must be some other smart people using same methods that know this event is expected. Remember we assume that we are not the smartest investors/researchers on the planet. We think we are good, but we learned a lot from others and some of those others are maybe even better and more influential than we are( humbling ourselves here(:- ).

Considering all of that the nagging question persists, is there a common interest(some may call it govspiracy/conspiracy) generated by those in the know to cause the OIL price decline in July? Well, we are satisfied that we could anticipate event, and do not really care, why the oil prices have come down in July. Yet, we leave you to judge the issues of the "free market" when you are so spooked about being right about events, without pretending or being identified as Nostradamus. Ok, it is all up to you to make up what you will about this episode.

Now, back to the markets.

(see our articles in authors section on this site)

1) OIL

As we said, July shall market initial low, but further lows are not excluded in August/September period, for the short run. Longer term we predict $500/barrel OIL

2) Stock Market

As we predicted stock markets shall make the lows in July/September period. Well we sticks with that forecast

3) Bonds

As we predicted, in the short run bonds will counterbalance the stocks and move higher, even as the long run bear market has started 2008.

4) Dollar

As we predicted, in the short run Dollar will stabilize, even though the "SELL AMERICA" event is still coming within next few moons. Remember, unlike others, we do not predict the demise of USA (ask for our report how USA saves itself from calamity), but we do think the events will unfold that will look like ARMAGEDDON (har Megiddo - mountain of Megiddo in Hebrew).

We often provide free predictions for few days/weeks/months in the spirit of great 12 century Georgian, humanist, poet and philosopher Shota Rustavely, who said



Please find us at http://borisc.blogspot.com or email us at bchikvash@aol.com


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