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Steve Bauer

Steve Bauer

Steve owned a privately held asset management firm and managed individual investor and corporate accounts as a Registered Investment Advisor - for over 40 years.

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Investing Wisely -- Something to Ponder and Personalized Support / Direction

Something to Ponder:

(This prolog will remain for a month or so. If you are tired of reading it then just skip over it and scroll down to my "Something to Ponder.")

As I stated just a couple of days ago here in SafeHaven.com, I am withdrawing my "Update with Recommendations and Personal Follow-Up" and will be replacing it with "Investing Wisely - Something to Ponder and Personalized Support / Direction." I have posted 79 - "Update with Recommendations and Personal Follow-Up" missives. I have one of the highest followings of all authors. I have given you the farm, the chickens and the water well. No Mas!

However, it is all still available to you on a private, one-on-one, Email basis.

Specific recommendations, warnings and alerts will no longer be my main theme. They have been very accurate and profitable if followed. From my point of view, I have nearly totally been taken for granite and ignored by the thousands of Investors, in 54 Countries around the world, that are following me within SafeHaven.com as well as all my other blogs.

Because of this apparent indifference to my contributions, I have discontinued posting for FinancialSense.com, Nasdaq Community.com, Seeking Alpha.com and StockCharts.com.

After working (or trying to work) with these people, it is my opinion that they (the management of these financial blogs) have little or no desire to contribute in a positive / supportive manner to the average investor and are self-promoting themselves for personal profit. It is my belief that an attitude such as this, never converts to give you the investing public anything close to the necessary advice to consistently make money in the stock market. I believe their theme (most financial blogs) is the same as Wall Street's, Mutual Funds, the financial media, stockbrokers and a passel of others in the financial industry. Ethics and caring about you the average investor are gone and 'gone' for ever more!

Yes, I am blogging to promote my professional services too. However, you will hopefully agree that you have been getting consistently accurate and profitable advice / directions in return for your time in reading my "stuff." I definitely feel like Ginger Rogers. (remember my posting about her and Fred Astaire - two or three postings ago?) I believe what I have tried to give is quite rare in the financial industry. I no longer have a clue of what further I can do to support you in your quest to make money in the stock market. So, I will do what you request of me, but it will be done - privately and by personal Emails.

I will continue to offer what I call generic information and data in SafeHaven.com as well as my personal / private blog. ( http://twitter.com/#!/investrotation/ ) I expect within a few months that I will require a password for access to my blog. This will be done to weed out the people who are not "serious investors."

I am very positive about most of the authors and the presentation of their work by SafeHaven.com. It is the ONLY financial blog with absolutely no ties to Wall Street, the Media, Mutual Funds or Stockbrokers - who are the people and entities that are costing you serious money most everyday. I sincerely wish that you have a better grasp about the fact that you are being abused financially by these companies, and the people within these financial companies and inities. I further hope you understand how important that is to you and your financial success in the coming years before retirement and even more important after your retirement. SafeHaven.com is solely supported by their Advertisers and is the only source of income for the owner, who is a fantastically dedicated man. We are all very lucky and blessed to have him.

Please understand that as of now, Saturday's SafeHaven.com posting, this will be as far as I go with very specific recommendations, warnings and alerts in the flow of on-going publishing within my two surviving blogs. ( SafeHaven.com and my Personal / Private Blog).

If you are looking for more detail and learn more about how I do my work / analytics - you will have to - ask me specific questions, perhaps share your thoughts and contact me by Email. I can tell you in advance that I will try to encourage you to at least become a Prospective Client. Prospective Clients will receive my forecasts, warnings, alerts and limited recommendations. My Email address is:


Unfortunately, I only work with and for "serious investors" and cannot take the time to share my work / analytics with everyone. As an ex-professor of finance and economics, my heart truly wishes that I could. I guess I am getting old!


Something to Ponder:

If you have followed me for anytime at all, you know that I have a strong dislike for Wall Street, Mutual Funds, Stockbrokers, the media and TRADERS.

It is the latter that I will ask you to "Ponder" in this posting.

They have disrupted, beyond belief, the original purpose and structure of the Stock Market. In America, in particularly everything is fast. "Fast" is now a part of the American culture, and it is costing you, both your money and your health. Wall Street and the above-mentioned folks know that and are taking advantage of you when ever and where ever they can. I can smile a little because 'traders' - are losers over 90% of the time, but they love it. One of my favorite expressions is: "too much money to throw around and not enough brains to do it wisely."

An adult woman in her 60s here in my little paradise here in Mexico once told me she had lost $40,000 trading so far, but she discovered more recently it was because she was not "QUICK." I just smiled and thought to myself - you clearly fit one of my favorite expressions very well.

Quick is certainly necessary if you are a trader, but it has also become a necessity, (because of these 'traders') to be quick if you are still among those people that call themselves - Investors.

Yes, being an Investor is still part of the culture of the financial industry, but getting rich quick is invading the minds of more and more Investors all the time. Therefore like traders they do some pretty stupid things with their portfolios and retirement money. Yes, I said and meant "stupid."

In the 'Old Days" if you identified a good entry point or exit point in the stock market you often had a week or so to ponder that decision. Then it became days and now it is often hours or minutes. Volatility is running rampant and it is all because of the 'traders.'

I would like to offer a brief thought about the above mentioned 'entry / exit point.' I call it an Inflection Point and have stressed and emphasized for years that - being in sync with inflections points is mandatory if you are seeking consistent profits on an annual basis. You must be at least 90% accurate with your entry / exit point decisions, or you will be a looser.

So this past Saturday you received my last recommendations via this blog or any other blog. I fully realize that You could easily say that - - receiving notification that I took Bearish Positions (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) on Saturday certainly was not giving you timely information an opportunity to be "Quick." That is true. I purposefully delayed my notification to you for many reasons that I would be happy to articulate to you privately. Dealing with the public is not as easy as you might think. There are some real "doozies" out there, and they love to confirm that opinion, just for me, in some / many of their Emails. I would also be happy to tell you what I think a "doozie" is, privately.

So even if you are Client of mine or the client of someone else who you think is an excellent financial analyst / asset manager you will have to be quick to place the orders when - I / they recommend taking positons or disposing of positions. Remember, we financial advisors / asset managers have spent hours reviewing the securities we recommend. If you must confirm my or their recommendations for very long that just might spell "a missed opportunity." Unfortunately, neither you or I still have the luxury of days to ponder investment decisions. If you think the "old days" are coming back again, you are dead wrong.

I do my homework 7 days a week and often many hours a day.

Side Note: As you are likely aware, I recommended Bearish Position to my Clients all over the world on Wednesday of last week. I have received many Emails of thanks saying: "you made an excellent call." My reply to these thanks have been: " yes the 'call' appears to be very good, but I prefer that it was the result of a lot of hard work."

Just something to ponder . . . From an old fox!


Three articles supporting my "Three Pillars" of my Investment Methodology that you may want to read: (the title for each is at the end of the below URLs)

# 1. http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/121308-steven-bauer/119898-my-rotation-model-a-short-explanation

# 2. http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/121308-steven-bauer/120955-my-shb-cycle-a-short-explanation

# 3. http://www.safehaven.com/article/22158/inflection-points-a-short-explanation

I would appreciate you also reading my more complete Bio. - I offer very strong / accurate opinions to be sure we are at least a little compatible in our investment philosophy. Please use this URL for my Bio:



If you would like to have further information on my work / analytics or perhaps my professional asset management, mentoring or consulting - services . . . I would appreciate your sharing just a bit about yourself and your investment objectives.

I wll also need you to ask specific questions regarding your investment needs, goals and objectives as well as - how you think I might be of help in your quest to enjoy being consistently profitable on an annual basis.

Please understand that I am seeking "serious investors" to become Clients. I am willing to work with you as a Prospective Client providing on going forecasts, warrnings, alerts, advice / direction on your existing portfolio and limited new recommendations. I wish I could do more!

Just send me an Email, and I will respond promptly.



Thank you so very much for your time in reading my "stuff." It is conservative, low risk exposure to the marketplace and very profitable.


Smile, have Fun - "Investing Wisely",


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