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Stock Barometer

Stock Barometer

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Important Market Update

12/6/2011 1:50:14 PM

There's quite a bit of potential building up, and I want to bring it to your attention...

These type of setups don't come around all that often, but this has the potential to deliver us more profits into year end. Here's what I'm talking about:

QQQ Rel Strength V. SPY SPREAD

Now this is a pretty messy chart, one of about 200 from my research data base, but basically what it's saying is that the market has some potential to break higher here - in a move, very similar to one that occurred back in 2010.

What's even better, we're very close to that move initiating. So in our QQQ Trader Service, we've recommended more calls to take advantage of the move (the ones we recommended on Thanksgiving were up over 90% yesterday!). These have just as much potential - and could deliver the returns very quickly if this move initiates now.

In our Stock Options Speculator service, we also have several nasdaq 100 stock options we're recommending. All our recommendations are ranked so if you want to play just one, you can grab one high on the list - or if you want to play several, you can look through the entire list. Most of them will double in price (>100% Return) in less than a 10% move in the underlying stock! What a bargain.

What drives the timing of these recommendations? Well stock market timing is what I'm all about. To learn more about how I time the stock market, give my Daily Stock Barometer service a try. I cover stocks, bonds, dollar, gold and oil - with the objective of identifying the next move in the market, and positioning for it to pocket in some significnat gains...

I also have a 401k/IRA service that will debut in 2012. It's primary aim is to tell you exactly

  1. when to put your money to work

  2. where to put your money to work (in either stocks or bonds) and

  3. when to redistribute your money from stocks to bonds, or bonds to stocks.

With 401ks and IRAs getting hit over the past years, the goal of this service is not just to get you back to even, but to position you properly for your future.

The best part of this service is that you don't have to take on any additional risk. It works with any retirement program that lets you invest in stocks and bonds. Far too many services focus on the what to buy - this service will focus on the when. You'd be amazed at how making more timely decisions in your retirement accounts can impact your portfolio over time.

I look forward to helping you all and will be employing this strategy live in my own IRA. Let me know if you have any questions.

All my best,


Click here to sign up for your trial today!


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