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Is This The Death Of The iPhone X?

Is This The Death Of The iPhone X?

Apple’s stock has slipped more…



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SP500 Gann Angle Review, Will History Repeat?

After 3 months of nothing more that 1% decline, the SP500 is playing catch up and is down 4.2% (mid day April 10th 2012). The Gann Angle study has become very interesting. Here is a quick catch up. UPDATE1

The Gann Angle 1x2 (time by price) has been an excellent lock in profits line on the juice rallys since March 2009. However when they break, the downside gets a little more serious.

This market was pumped up for selling, therefore a sell off from 142 to 136 (-4%) is heaps better than a drop from break out resistance of 1260. Remember the low volume calls on this massive 18% rally (142 - 120 = 220 18%), well thats makes this sell off even more interesting for higher risk. Many market players have no interest in these highs, as they did not participate and are happy to take profits on long term positions, thank you very much. Or of course those that stood by and missed out may see this sell off as a decent chance to get in, if this happens we can expect a bounce at least. Just depends on the four known fundamentals: no QE3, employment a tad weaker, 2012 Q1 earnings not so great, price of gas.

UPDATE1: And now two days latter we get a predictable bounce, but a break of the 1x2 will be no fun !

The show continues..

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