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So Why Did Chinese President Visit Tiny Denmark?

Why Read: To observe China's possible overall strategy from a different vantage point, and to think about that strategy and what it means some more.

Featured Article: An article this morning suggests that Chinese President Hu Jintao's three day visit to Denmark last week may have been less about meeting Danish Royalty, and more about Greenland's mineral wealth.

Commentary: Denmark, a small country of about 5.5 million population:

  • had a reported 2011 GDP of U.S.$333 billion (about ½ of 1% of 2011 estimated world GDP and 32nd largest economy measured by GDP in the world - Wikipedia); and,

  • measured by GDP, Denmark is about 10% larger than Greece.

Importantly, the Kingdom of Denmark owns the Farce Islands in the North Atlantic, and (importantly) owns Greenland.

So why would President Jintao spend three days there? One logical explanation is that China is interested over time in establishing a working relationship with tiny Denmark, in order to work with Denmark (to China's long-term strategic advantage) to develop Greenland's perceived resources.

This makes a great deal of sense. It makes even more sense in the contexts of the current world economic issues, and the patience the Chinese often exhibit in their approach to accomplishing things.

Watch for more reports of ongoing dialogue between China and Denmark over the forthcoming months and years - in mineral resources, the Danish fishing industry, and possibly in oil & gas developments.

Greenland's minerals loom in China - Denmark ties
Source: Mining Weekly (from Reuters), June 18, 2012
Reading time: 4 minutes, thinking time longer


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