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Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell

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Consider What Game Spain May Be Playing

That Spain will request - likely in weeks and not months - financial aid from its eurozone partners seems a certainty. Why Spain is playing a 'wait and see' game is an interesting question.

My current thoughts are that Spain is waiting on - very likely among other things:

  • the audit reports on its banks scheduled (so far) for release this month, and that the Spanish Government must by now have received at least interim reports from those completing said audits;

  • finalization of what it may hope to be precedent setting negotiations with Greece in respect of the Greek financial bailout; or,

  • further developments in Italy; and,

  • knowledge of the maturation of Germany's thinking and position(s) in all of this.

Postponement of dealing with Eurozone and Eurozone country specific problems is, from everything I have read and heard to date, doing nothing but exacerbating what almost certainly is becoming an ever more difficult and 'hard to solve' problem.

Topical Reference: Spain urged to clarify aid needs at euro zone meeting, from CNBC from Reuters, September 14, 2012 - reading time 3 minutes.


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