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Is The Bull Market On Its Last Legs?

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What's Behind The Global EV Sales Slowdown?

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Apple, Inc. - Special Update

If you are following my work / analytics you know that I am doing a simple weekly rotation over 13 weeks of my 13 High Profile / Bellwether Companies. I also write weekly rotating article on 13 High Profile / Bellwether ETFs.


Special Update

You might be interested in the fact that another Financial Blog produces an alert Email to all Followers of many companies. The current figures on (AAPL) are that over 65,000 Investors are registered to receive all Updates on Apple, Inc. I have read hundreds of these articles on (AAPL) and many other Companies. The "Accuracy" of these articles is pathetic. The "Substance" of these articles is pathetic. The "Guidance" is pathetic.

I hope, as an alternative, you find my work / analytics to be worth your time to read. My mission is to provide -- Accuracy / Substance / Guidance, in my quest for additional Clients.

I receive by far more Emails with questions and opinions on Apple, Inc. that any other security. I have taken a great deal of heat for some Investors based on my previous two articles on (AAPL) here in SafeHaven.com. For those who Follow my SafeHaven.com and other Article Contributions, you must admit my "Accuracy" / "Substance" / "Guidance" - - is pretty good!

The first was on May 18, 2012. Here is the URL: http://www.safehaven.com/article/25491/investing-wisely-forecasts-confirmations-results

The follow-up article was on August 20, 2012. Here is the URL: http://www.safehaven.com/article/26594/investing-wisely-apple-inc-forecasts-confirmations-profitable-results

Chart - to Verify both by Forecast and Warnings - (over these past several months)

Two year - Interactive and Comparative Chart: (note the percent scale on the right)

2-Year AAPL versus SPY

The Lord Give-th -- and -- the Lord Take-th Away! I just try to help!

I Love Confirmations

This Update is to share that while I was correct in my "Confirmed" Bullish Forecast of early June, that called a Bullish "Confirmation" for all 13 Companies, you will remember I was also putting out clear Bearish "Warnings" for Apple, Inc. and all 13 Companies. I Love "Confirmations" because they provide very Accurate data to support my "Confidently" taking positions, both Buying and Shorting for myself and my Clientele.

Please see one of my latest articles in this series of 13 Companies - on Microsoft (MSFT). Here is the URL: http://www.safehaven.com/article/26594/investing-wisely-apple-inc-forecasts-confirmations-profitable-results

Please see one of my latest articles in this series of 13 ETFs - on Software ETF (IGV). Here is the URL: http://www.safehaven.com/article/27646/investing-wisely-software-igv-etf-forecasts-confirmations-results

Special Update for: Apple, Inc.

Apple, Inc. has lost about 22% from its peak selling price of $705.00 in September. On a Near-Term (one week to one month) it is ready for a Bounce / Mini-Rally. At the conclusion of that Rally it will resume its Short-Term (one month to three months) and perhaps longer -- Pull-Back.

At its current price of $547.00 - it will bounce but it will also be coming lower in the months ahead! That is yet another - "Warning" !

AAPL Update

I repeatedly share this graphic on my Forecasts. Each of my articles, explains how my Forecasting formula -- - F + C = R works! And it has worked very, very well for many, many years.

In the below Table you can see how Apple, Inc. performed against the other 12 Companies despite the Bearish "Warning" that was in place. In other words when I have a Bullish "Confirmation" on Apple, Inc. I am very confident that it is going to make money 95+% of the time. And it did again - quite meaningfully!

Upon request, I can also explain why the Companies with rather poor performance -- as well as the Companies with superior performance -- Did What They Did! The answer is: the formula works and my Fundamental - Valuations / Technical Analysis has supported this formula very, very well for many, many years. Why don't you "Plug In?"

Here are my Most Current "Results" of my Company Forecasts

Current Results

These Companies are definitely not at the Top of -- or -- Bottom of my Current Most Favored / Lease Favored - List - of Companies to Buy or Short. It is a matter of waiting for the next Bullish "Confirmation" - or - Bearish "Confirmation." My "List" produces the greater profits and the above Table clearly supports this premise.

So, I would hope that this flow of Accurate - Forecasting and Results (Profits) along with my current Apple, Inc. "Warnings" in the above Microsoft article will stimulate your interest in starting an Email Dialog with me.

Smile, Have Fun, "Investing Wisely,"


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