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Zombie Foreclosures On The Rise In The U.S.

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What's Behind The Global EV Sales Slowdown?

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Special Notes Supporting My Articles

I have written this missive as "Special Notes Supporting My Articles" to shorten my text in each of the Articles as presented in SafeHaven.com.

Pondering Your Financial Future

This includes for your Consideration:

A Snap-Shot of -- How I Get My Accuracy, Results and Profits - by "Investing Wisely" -- (see below)

I am sharing with you many, not all, the details about "How I Go About Making Money in the Stock Market."

Pondering Your Financial Future. Hum ...

URLs to Ponder:

"My Methodology": (includes links to - My Inflection Points / My Rotation Model / My SHB Cycle and more ...)


"My Performance": (this article is updated once or twice per year)


"Being Selective"


"Risk - and - Reward Can Be Calculated Accurately"


"Seniors Deserve Better Guidance And More Accurate Direction For Their Investments"


"My Proprietary Technical Indicator of My Inflection Point Count" (this just may be the best technical indicator I have ever seen or worked with -- it "leads" all INDICES as to Alerts to Buy and Warnings to Sell and go back to Cash)


I hope you will take the time to review these articles. If you do -- I can guarantee you will get excited about Profiting Consistently using my very Conservative and Low Risk -- Investment Methodology / Strategy. Also and important is that your choose to contact me, via Email with your questions and thoughts.

No Cost / No Obligation / No Fool-en!

Here is My: How I Get My Accuracy, Results and Profits - by "Investing Wisely" ...

For well over fifty-years, it continues to start with what I call Comparative Analytics. As you know there are several thousand U.S. and Foreign Companies in the New York and Nasdaq market exchanges. Each Company and most ETFs are components of a Sector and / or an Industry Group. There are about 12 - 15 Sectors and well over 200 Industry Groups to accurately monitor on a weekly basis. For me this is fun, but very time consuming -- because -- like going fishing, each and every day I catch a fish (within my analytics) and sometimes I catch a big one. Remember the feeling?

I spend a lot of my time fishing ( breaking all of these components (Companies / ETFs) down to a manageable size for my research / work / analytics ). My analytic work, for doing this, uses my old-fashioned (Unique) Fundamental - Valuation procedures and my (Time Tested) Technical (Proprietary) - Indicators - (see My Methodology ). As you know from my "Report Card" - I also have an eye on the Consensus Opinions that so freely float around (often offering pathetically wrong data) the Securities Industry. These three disciplines are weighted - (see one of my Report Cards). This process offers me on going and very clear guidance as to both the direction of the Marketplace as well as for the near to short-term direction of each Sector, Industry Group and Company / ETF. That's important, but even more important, for me, is having the ability to maintain my Bullish and Bearish Lists where-in I have identified those Companies and ETFs with the highest propensity to profit in the coming months. Here again I focus on the above three disciplines. (see below for further information on my Lists -- and My Rotation Model article for further detail).

All this work / analytics must be continuously updated and in place in order to have the ability to quickly review any Company or ETF (on my Bullish or Bearish Lists) as I anticipate a new Inflection Point. This is an absolute necessity because, you must agree, the Marketplace changes direction (Bullish & Bearish Inflection Points) very unexpectedly and is more slippery than a fresh caught fish. It is also rather easy to identify the Companies and ETFs that have the highest probability of meaningfully contributing (ascending) after a clear Bullish Cycle Inflection Point for the next ensuing rally. This works the same (but opposite) within a Bearish Inflection Point. Again, it is easy to identify the Companies and ETFs (Inverse) that have the highest probability of (descending) in a Bearish Cycle or environment. (see my articles on My Inflection Points and My SHB Cycle for further detail).

This research / analytic work has much to do with My Rotation Model and use of the Bell-Curve to describe why I maintain a very precise List of Bullish Candidates that are Currently - In-Favor and a second List of Bearish Candidates that are Currently - Out-Of-Favor. There is no question in my mind that -- Maintaining these Lists -- is absolutely mandatory if you are seeking consistent annual profits.

I have found that most Investors do NOT either have the time or the desire / mind-set to do this kind of work / analytics! Understand the Companies and ETFs are constantly moving up and down / in and out on my Lists. That is why I "Grade" ("A" to "F") each security each week. You would likely agree the "moving up and down" / "in and out" on my Lists is due to raw data changes in my Fundamental - Valuations and Technical - Analysis. I have also found via Email and personal conversations that Investors simple cannot and do not react quickly enough in today's Marketplace. That's because they do not have either the Tools, Experience or the Lists in place at the time a new Inflection Point occurs.

That is how "Investing Wisely" works so well for me as well and for my Clients! In over 50 years I have never found that - Investors or Financial Analysts / Asset Managers understand and apply this important basic and on-going process to meet our / their common objective of -- consistently making money (using this kind of low-risk investment strategy) in the stock market. It's Unique, Profitable and it Works Consistently!

Again, you can't learn or profit without asking questions ...

Forecasts / Confirmations / Results


Forecasts are just that, an opinion based on the fundamental - valuation, technical charts and consensus opinion on raw data as well as the information that is now publicly available, on the Internet, at the time of publishing this or any article, forecast or opinion. The single factor that can upset / delay a very good Forecast is the News. That is why it is important to stay with the facts and real data and not be influenced by outside and temporal flows of media and bloggers. What I read is most often - misguided / misinterpreted information and data.

You may have already noted that each week I feature a well-known Company as well as a well -known ETF for your evaluation of my ability to provide consistent and accurate guidance and direction to your "Investing Wisely." I am sorry that cannot possible keep up with a weekly update on my specific Company and ETF Forecasts for you. I do provide this service for my Clientele when they ask

Communications is the most important tool you can contribute when in a relationship with a financial professional. You will find I am very dedicated to candid and pragmatic communications.

If you would like my most current thoughts on the Companies or ETFs mentioned in my articles or perhaps another Company, please contact me by Email. (Serious Investors Only - Please!)

I Love Confirmations

Confirmations are simply a review of a dozen or so criteria of my fundamental valuations, technical analytics and consensus opinions - from my "Lists" - previously developed from my Bullish / Bearish Company & ETF Forecasts. This work / analytics is "Confirmed" prior to making ANY investment recommendations to my Clients. They (Confirmations) only ("click in") - a day or at most two days ahead of my making Recommendation to take a specific position - either - Bullish or Bearish. During the dormant time frames when I am not comfortable making Recommendations -- I Stay In Cash. Cash is a long-ago forgotten word for maintaining a profitable bottom line.

"I Love Confirmations" because they are my reward for long hours of hard work / analytics. They then provide me with professional affirmation that I am doing the job very well - that I am being paid to do. That's Sweet...


Results -- Profitable Results, like most things in life, come after doing a superior job over the years. Some have that ability and others do not!

And YES, it took me seven years after my Ph.D. to figure out - How To Be Consistently Profitable in the Stock Market. A superior job comes only from much experience, dedication and hard work. And, as I said above - Today - that for me is - "Sweet."

A Bit About My Professional Services

Professional Services

Being retired I have a limited venue of professional services. They are: a) Personalized Asset Management of Clients Portfolios, b) Consulting Services to Other Professional Advisors, c) Mentoring Services to young people.

For over 50 years I have managed - "other peoples money" - It is clear to me and without a doubt, you MUST have a positive, personal and communicative relationship with your Financial Advisor / Asset Manager. It is also VERY important that your Financial Person has tenure. Less than 20 or even 30 years in the business is a definite -- No - No!

You need to read the persons Bio. If that does not provoke questions then find another person who does. The Bio should give you a sense of being comfortable with his or her credentials and stated philosophy of Investing.

I like to know my Clients --- Financial - Needs / Goals / Objectives.

You need to know your Advisor personally --- Mind Set / Investment Philosophy / Who Pays Them (if they are with a firm - is the firm dictating how your Advisor provides services? This is often a serious thing that is over looked by Investors. Corporate policies can be very expensive for you).

Please feel free to ask questions as they come to mind.

My Asset Management Services are 24/7 personalized advice via Email with Specific Securities Recommendations at both Bullish and Bearish Inflection Points. My fees are one-percent of the assets in your portfolio, with a $2,400 U.S. minimum.

My Consulting Services are comprehensive by agreement including the above 24/7 advice and Recommendations. My fees are paid monthly by agreement and is based on the amount of my input / contribution to you or your firm.

My Mentoring Services are very similar to my Asset Management Services and fees are $2,400 U.S. per year unless there is a special arrangement.

You might be interested in my Guarantee that you will be Profitable each and every year by retaining my Professional Services? It is the only "one of a kind" - Guarantee - I know of in the financial arena.

I encourage as well as invite you to open an Email Dialog with me. There is no cost or obligation. Nothing will be Emailed or Communicated without your request.

My Email Address: senorstevedrmx@yahoo.com

Smile, Have Fun - "Investing Wisely,"


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