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Building Out a Foundation

In what's become a rather humid terrarium of overgrown expectations for game theorists worldwide - the Fed renders an official opinion today and perhaps a few words of color commentary.

Considering the verdict - or not, we continue to find more markers of a build in foundations for the precious metals sector and a loosening of stratum in the US dollar index. While the dollar took the exit fractal we had cautioned it could, the precious metals sector has begrudgingly slouched down a one way street - in what's become a common characteristic around the hub of this markets infrastructure. Be that as it may, it has not shifted our market posture for the sector - in fact, has done quite the opposite. In our eyes, the actual momentum wave and duration for the cascade has counter intuitively moved the needle progressively bullish in our opinion.

With that said, and derivative of our work with Apple and oil circa 2008; silver is starting to build out a promising low, that although took the gradual route - is reminiscent of copper's pivot in the first quarter of 2009.

The takeaway: It may take some time to turn silver staunchly higher - but we think it may just be worth the wait.


Silver 2010 - Today
Larger Image
Copper 2006-2010
Larger Image


Silver 2010 - Today vs Copper 2006-2010
Larger Image

USDX Montlh Chart
Larger Image

USDX 2007-Today
Larger Image
USDX 1990-1996
Larger Image


USD 2007-Today vs USDX 1990-1996
Larger Image

  • All stock chart data originally sourced and courtesy of www.stockcharts.com
  • Subsequent overlays and renderings completed by Market Anthropology


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