"No warning can save people determined to grow suddently rich" - Lord Overstone

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Investor Debt Outpaces S&P 500 Growth

Investor Debt Outpaces S&P 500 Growth

Since the financial crisis of…

The FANG Stock Investors Should Avoid

The FANG Stock Investors Should Avoid

Thanks to a private data…

Marty Chenard

Marty Chenard

Marty Chenard is an Advanced Stock Market Technical Analyst that has developed his own proprietary analytical tools and stock market models. As a result, he…

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Money Talks and Those With the Most Money Have the Most Control?

Is this True of False?

"Money talks and those with the most money have the most control"

In the Stock Market, the group with the most money are the Institutional Investors.

If this is true, then you should be able to plot their daily Buying versus Selling activity and see a market trending correlation.

So, daily Institutional Buying and Selling Activity is what today's chart shows.

Note: When the red selling line is above the blue buying line, then it means that there was more selling than buying that day (Distribution).

Conversely, when the blue buying line is above the red selling line, then it means that there was more buying than selling that day (Accumulation).

NOTE: Now look at today's chart and answer what conclusion you have relative to how the market correlates with Institutional Buying and Selling activity.

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