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My Golden Dream

The other day I woke up from a dream and in that dream was Alan Greenspan. In the dream he was NOT a puppet of the international banking cartel that employs him to pull the levers of the world financial system. Instead he was an international hero.

His job at the helm of the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S. has been described: to maintain full employment with low inflation while maintaining the value of the currency. Since the value of the currency has lost far in excess of 95% of its purchasing power since the Fed was established in 1913; since the expansion of money and credit during Greenspan's tenure has far exceeded all prior expansion of money and credit since the birth of the nation; and since the unemployment rate is probably double the recently reported doctored figure of 5.1%; it appears that Alan Greenspan isn't very good at what he is supposed to be doing. After viewing his performance of maniacal money expansion and total neglect of structural imbalances creation through policy measures such as long periods of negative real interest rates; many economic commentators have resorted to calling him derogatory names suggesting he is economically illiterate.

I think there is enough evidence that this is not so. Could it be that his real function is to set the table for the banks and brokers that own the Fed and help it to carry out its goals? Let's just say it's a "conundrum". It seems the vast majority of the public are not even aware that the Fed is owned by a consortium of international banks and is only an agent of the U.S. Government, not a part of it. So it truly is a conundrum; do the Fed's loyalties reside with its employer; the banks; or its customer; the U.S.?

Alan Greenspan has demonstrated his awareness and knowledge of things economic a long time ago through his many writings. It was he that stated, regarding currencies and their backing:

"In absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as the protector of property rights. If one grasps this, one has no difficulty in understanding the statists' antagonism toward the gold standard. A free society needs the rule of gold."

Apparently, there are not enough, "ones grasping this" out there which leads us to another very important quote from one of our nation's founding fathers and third president, Thomas Jefferson whom clearly "did grasp this":

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be."

It is fairly obvious to me that Alan Greenspan is a brilliant and knowledgeable man. His actions of encouraging never ending levels of debt accumulation led me to believe that his actions were not in the best interests of the future of the United States. This is based on the belief that if you want to destroy any enterprise, company, person, or country, just add debt and keep adding it until it blows up. He has certainly promoted that and that has been in the best interests of the banks that own the Fed, figuratively and literally. Could it be that the man that this country depends on to time and again save the day is sacrificing the future of the U.S. so that the banking interests can enrich themselves?

Now back to the dream I had. Remember I said in the dream Greenspan was a hero. He was also the same disciple of Ayn Rand that believed in his quote above. Alan was a really nice guy and it tore him apart to see the masses getting ripped off. He realized the big money interests would fight with everything they had to perpetuate their fiat money that allows them to confiscate the wealth of the people so he came up with a plan. He would secretly work to slowly, but totally, blow up fiat money by taking on excessive debt so the banks would be happy, since they were making more and more money, yet everyday they inch closer to the point of no return. Once this happens fiat money is discredited, considered worthless and will not be returned to for a very long time if ever. There is little alternative but to return to Greenspan's once beloved gold. Greenspan's mastery of doublespeak along with his intense knowledge of economics and money easily outfoxes the buffoons in Congress into believing he was doing what was best for perpetuating their beloved fiat money. In the end he shows the skeptics that would not listen to his warnings on the necessity of a gold standard back in 1966. What a guy! Who knows? Maybe Greenspan does have a trick or two up his sleeve for what his final legacy will be. We are certainly hurtling at warp speed for a debt blow up. Worldwide derivatives now total $499 trillion which means in the last year they have expanded at ten times the GDP of the entire U.S. economy! If this does not concern you, you are either drugged, uninformed, or heavily into gold and silver. I was so scared I have been stockpiling top shelf beer and pizza to gain admission into the Mogambo Bunker which is only a little over 10 miles away.

And then I woke up.

I couldn't help but wonder as I lay there in bed, what was that thing about the Queen of England knighting "Sir" Alan Greenspan a few years ago? Was he somehow working for the Queen? That made no sense at all to me. Was she honoring him for surreptitiously destroying and bankrupting the United States to throw it back into the hands of England? Oh well, who knows?

It certainly is a "conundrum".

BUY GOLD! PROTECT YOURSELF! EDUCATE YOURSELF ON ECONOMIC MATTERS! Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson and see that something is not right with what is going on. I notice more and more people are questioning economic statistics, more big companies are having their frauds uncovered, When enough take a good look to see what has been happening, there will be a massive move to gold and silver and it could build momentum quite quickly. China and India have gotten a big head start on the west, shunning the dollar and turning to gold. Don't be left behind.

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