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UK Disses US Dollar While Promoting Gold Yuan

MP3: Discussion with Jay Taylor taped September 21, 2014.


1. New Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ) Gold Exchange for foreigners to trade physical yuan for physical gold - a prerequisite for it to be a globally accepted currency - FTZ Exchange Chairman says goals include "boost use of Yuan currency,... ..., and help pave the way for the Yuan to become a global currency... .... we're also attempting to be a hub where gold can be traded and shipped elsewhere..." http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-11/gold-trading-to-begin-in-ftz-as-cme-plans-futures-in-hong-kong.html

2. British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne

3. Obama comes supported by same interests as supported Paul Volcker who moved US off of gold money

  • Paul Volcker "I certainly was a major proponent of suspending gold convertibility, in fact the principal planner." http://www.nber.org/feldstein/Feldstein%20Volcker%20Interview.pdf
  • Volcker was assistant to David Rockefeller at Chase Manhattan bank Volcker was also economic adviser to Obama
  • The Obama rise to President was supported / funded by Soros (proxy for Rothschild family) and Rockefeller families
  • Rockefeller family wealth unknown - John Rockefeller was a billionaire and more than $500 million dollars of his wealth was transferred into tax free foundations and trusts
  • Rockefeller wealth has been earning tax-free income hidden in tax-free foundations and trusts: "They say most of the family investments sit in a thicket of trusts set up starting in 1934 and mostly managed by a unit of J.P. Morgan Chase." Rockefeller Rebellion Turns Up Heat on Exxon http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB121157457128518175
  • Rockefelller Ownership of shares of Exxon, Chevron, JPMorgan, Citibank, etc. said to be very large and influential
  • Rockefellers have continued owning large positions in oil producers over the last 85 years while Rockefellers and others have been donating money to environmental front vehicle The Tides Foundation creating environmental obstacles to N.American oil production forcing US to rely on offshore oil and military intervention to support petrodollar
  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund is a fraction of Rockefeller wealth
  • Gold and silver trade in the City of London (the square mile) without oversight or full disclosure of market trading

4. Kyle Bass - senior Obama administration official believed to be Tim Geithner: "we are just going to kill the dollar" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILKolTI1s50

  • Policy of killing dollar (causing massive price inflation) does not create wealth
  • Dollar destabilization and precipitous delcine will harm the US
  • US needs to move to constitutional sound money system - the free ride is over now must stabilize and move forward.
  • Strong currency attract capital and is the foundation of a strong economy

5. ISIS created, funded, supported by Western, Saudi and other Gulf States, Israel: https://medium.com/@NafeezAhmed/how-the-west-created-the-islamic-state-dbfa6f83bc1f

  • France is joining the ISIS bombing campaign. http://www.france24.com/en/20140918-france-join-us-air-war-against-jihadists-iraq/
  • US has policy to kill the dollar / Euro will be similarly weakened in comparison to gold-exchange Yuan
  • Yuan gold exchange will ultimately migrate to simply gold money
  • 'Boots on the ground' asset seizure of MENA oil looks to be the intention while promoting Islamic 'terrorist' bogeyman
  • Gulf states have a problem explaining to their population the selling of energy resources for bonds as those bonds become worthless and gold soars with petrogold - one solution is create chaos necessitating Western military intervention / seizure

6. John Exter (1910-2006) former member of Federal Reserve Board of Governors warned:

"The marketplace is a crime and punishment world, and this Federal Reserve credit expansion is the greatest monetary crime of all time. Accordingly the punishment will be far and away the greatest punishment of all time."

  • It is critical to stabilize Western monetary system with gold, shut down central banking, and shut down the Too Big To Fail banks that are at the root of our current crisis.
  • Vast gold resources in Western North America that can supply gold to the monetary system


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