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Gold Manipulation - Is It Treason?

Is the Manipulation of Gold and Stripping it from the Treasuries of Sovereign States an Act of Treason?

MP3: Interview with Jay Taylor taped October 20, 2014.


1. Shanghai Gold Exchange and Shanghai Metal Exchange physical metals premia vs. LBMA pricing:

SGE Gold: +0.0 % premium vs LBMA
SGE Silver: +13.3% premium vs LBMA
SME Palladium +17.6% premium vs LBMA
SME Platinum +7.7% premium vs LBMA

2. Jim Rickards and Putative G20 Gold Expropriation

  • Jim Rickards states that by 2020 all the gold of the G-20 nations will be confiscated and buried in a former nuclear bunker under a mountain in Switzerland to take it out of the global financial system. http://www.arabianmoney.net/gold-silver/2014/10/19/all-the-worlds-gold-to-be-confiscated-and-buried-in-switzerland-by-2020-argues-jim-rickards/
  • Rickards sending-out a feeler for demonetizing gold also shaking weak hands out of gold positions (gold shortage a problem?)
  • Rickards from LTCM which created a financial crisis in the late 1990s.
  • Gold is (1) money and (2) primary indicator of fiat paper money inflation by central banks
  • Gold is key problem for central money planners as they will always fail and wish to take away options from citizens when they create chaos
  • BRICS and rest of world moving to gold backed money system - difficult to see how G20 could enforce
    • Even China (of the G20) telling its citizens to buy gold and silver - recognition of the need to stabilize during coming monetary chaos
  • Totalitarian, central planning regimes have always been against gold money - Stalin, Hitler detested gold.
    • Stalin said he would make toilets of gold to get it out of the monetary system.
  • Goal of gold confiscation is control of citizens through control of money - can't control gold money - problem for central planners and dictators
  • Three monetary metals throughout history - gold, silver and copper
  • Central issue is failure of global economy after decades of gold intervention and grossly destabilizing debt increase in fiat money system
  • Confiscating gold like Mao ordering the killing of millions of sparrows in 1950s because of failed Chinese grain harvests for which he blamed sparrows
    • MAO's problem with farm under-performance was central planning, socialism and removal of incentives from production
    • Perennial problems of central planning - it always fails
    • Killing sparrows led to even greater problems including locust plagues and 10s of millions of Chinese citizens dead from resultant starvation
  • May as well confiscate thermometers too, as polar vortex is reputed to have caused slow Q1 GDP!
  • Central problem is central planning and complete capture of regulators and government by financial industry
    • Confiscation of gold would be creating more centralized control (digital currency next) and ultimately even more destabilization and chaos

3. Gold Manipulation - Treasonous?

  • Question of Treason - i.e. a breach of allegiance to one's country
    • Short-circuiting gold market pricing ( and debt markets as gold impacts global interest rates) will lead to global stock market, debt market, and currency crashes
    • Leasing gold out of central bank vaults through off-balance-sheet transactions removes critical life-boats from possession and makes countries vulnerable to complete monetary failure once crash occurs because they lack gold for new stable currency
  • Massive wealth transfer beforehand to financial sector through generation of bubbles leading to collapse and the detriment of citizens and nation states themselves
  • Ultimate collapse of nation-states which do not or cannot stabilize their currency with a sound money system
  • Manipulating gold, leasing gold, subversive destabilization of monetary systems, economies, and entire countries
  • Who has been participating in short-circuiting gold?
  • Goal of many globalists is to integrate economies effectively under a "one world" monetary system but must equalize standards of living to do so
  • Currency crisis with restructured monetary system further centralizing monetary control would be step in this direction
  • Globalist organizations like CFR, Bilderberg Group, etc. promote greater world integration under corporate control
  • At least one of the elite bankers seems to admit working against the United States' interests (treason by definition):

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