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Raj Time and Cycle Review and Forecast

Forecast from my last public post on 10/24: "There is one 360 cycle that was similar to the current market 7/16/07H=9/19/14H and 8/16/07L=10/15L. If we continue to follow this cycle, we will see a sharp rally to all time Highs (#3 on chart)."

SPX Chart
Larger Image

Actual: The markets unfolded as the above 360 Cycle predicted. From the 10/15L, which found 8/16/07L green parallel channel support, we rallied a whopping 210+ SP's to fresh All time Highs into 11/7 right at the 10/11/07H green parallel channel resistance.

SPX Chart 2
Larger Image

Forecast 10/24 Raj T&C Report: "We should rally into 10/24H, decline 1-2 day into 10/27-28L, before we rally into 10/29-31 major Time and Cycle (T&C) Cluster High."

Actual: We made an 10/24 High, saw a 1 day pullback into Monday 10/27 Low (Forecast #1 on chart) and rallied 73.09 SP's to Monday 11/3 High (Forecast #2), 1 TD later.

SPX Chart 3
Larger Image

Forecast 10/31 Raj T&C Weekend Report: "We have been straight up (SU) since the 10/15 Lows into the 10/29-11/3 T&C Cluster, suggesting a 10/31-11/3H, but in rare occasions, such as these Straight Up markets these CIT clusters are ignored. The bias now is we see a brief pullback into Monday 11/3L and then chop around next week and make another 11/7-10 major higher All time High."

Actual: We made a 11/3H, 1 TD later, saw a brief pullback into 11/4L, 1 TD later, (Forecast #3), and rallied another 30+ SP's to fresh All time Highs into today's 11/7H (Forecast #4).

We have a 11/7 Solar Time CIT (Change in Trend) and a 11/7 and 11/11 geometric CIT supporting this. There is a fixed 1336-37 CD Cycle due on 11/11+/- as well. Furthermore, there are 2 important mathematical Time Squares due on 11/7 and the other is on 11/11.

The mathematical Time Square CIT (Change in Trend) due on 11/11+/-
3/06/09L + 668 TD (25.85^2) = 10/27/11H (668 Trading Days = 25.85 Squared).

For the next CIT, you add +2 to 25.85 = 27.85 and you re-square it to get the following:
3/06/09L + 775 TD (27.84^2) = 04/02/12H
3/06/09L + 890 TD (29.83^2) = 09/14/12H
3/06/09L +1013 TD (31.83^2)= 03/18/13L
3/06/09L +1144 TD (33.83^2)= 09/19/13H
3/06/09L +1284 TD (35.83^2)= 4/14/14 Low
3/06/09L +1431TD (37.83^2)= 11/11/14 High+/-

Conclusion and What's next: We make a 11/7-10 major High and start a decline.


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