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Zombie Foreclosures On The Rise In The U.S.

Zombie Foreclosures On The Rise In The U.S.

During the quarter there were…

Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

Another Retail Giant Bites The Dust

Forever 21 filed for Chapter…

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The Midas Touch Consulting Report

1. Market Update

During the last two weeks gold has been quite volatile moving between $1,191 and $1,252 without being able to establish a clear trend. So far the consolidation below the recent top at $1,263 has a bullish taste but gold needs to break out above $1,250 very soon otherwise we might be right in front of a multi-week correction. Failing at $1,248 - $1,252 increases the odds for the bears dramatically.

At the same time the stock markets are recovering as expected. I would not be surprised to see a large bear market rally until summer.

Finally Bitcoin is acting bullish and continues to move within its triangle pattern. With my recommendation to buy Bitcoins below $380 you should be up at least 14.7% already. Don't chase it here. We should get one more chance to buy a dip before the breakout above $500 will happen.

Interview with Commodity-TV on February 22nd:

2. Bitcoin within a multi-month bullish triangle consolidation

Bitcoin Chart

Since my last analysis the price for one Bitcoin is up 9,5%. It looks like the suspected triangle formation is playing out. This means Bitcoin should advance towards $480 - $500 where another pullback is very likely. Overall the price should not fall below $380 anymore otherwise the uptrend line would be broken.

Action to take: Hold your Bitcoins and let your winnings run. Don't buy here.
Stop Loss: Increase your stop to $330
Profit Target: $800
Timeframe 6 -18 months
Risk($80) / Reward($430) = 1 : 5.4 (very good ratio!!) Position Sizing: Don't risk more than 1% of your equity.

3. The Midas Touch Gold Model on a Buy Signal since Feb. 24th

Midas Touch Gold Model

The model went to neutral mode on February 16th but quickly flipped back to a Bull signal. Compared to last week we have the following changes:

Gold Volatility CBOE Index
Gold in Indian Rupee
Gold in Chinese Yuan
US-Dollar Daily Chart

New sell signals are coming from:
Gold CoT-Report US-Dollar Daily Chart

The negative seasonal outlook as well as the high commercial net short position are delivering sell signals while the market technically speaking is still in a very bullish mode. The trend is your friend until it breaks. Moving above $1,255 will flip the "Gold in USD Daily Chart" to a buy signal. Overall a clear bullish signal.

4. Gold so far within bullish consolidation

Daily Gold Chart

Gold is acting very bullish. Any pullback is being bought and despite a stronger US-Dollar gold is holding up very well. It seems like the ETF demand is putting the physical market under pressure. The ETF liquidation which had a huge impact on the gold market during the last four years is being reversed now. Everybody wants to have some insurance in his portfolio. The GLD Gold Trust holdings have increased by over 51 tones in just the last two weeks.

The professional hedgers and the paper speculators have not been able to keep the prices down while the commercial short position has risen to its highest level since last october making the market more and more susceptible. Yet the price action is not delivering any bearish signal so far but many traders obviously doubting gold's recent strength and keep on shorting the market. The surprise still favors the upside. The next price target would be $1,310 which would mean a breakout above the three year downtrend channel.

At the same time all this bullish action during the last two weeks has been happening clearly below the recent top at $1,262. The longer the bulls are not able to push gold sustainably above $1,240 - $1,250 the more vulnerable the market will become. A decision is imminent and likely to happen this week.

I have expressed my bearish concerns in the last two weeks but it seems like I have been a bit early. Rather the market has been going sideways. Right now I prefer a neutral standpoint and will let the market tell me which way to go. Although it's tempting to short gold there is no setup that justifies such a counter trend trade at the moment. Action to take: Nothing. Stay at the sidelines but plan to buy with both hands once Gold is pulling back towards its 200MA ($1,131). Investors should continue to buy with both hands if Gold moves below $1,140 again until you have at least 10% of your net-worth in physical Gold and Silver.

5. Portfolio & Watch list

Portfolio: We bought Bitcoin at $372. New stop at $330. Profit target $800. Plan to hold for a couple of months.
Buy Gold at $1.140 with a stop at $1.100. Mostly likely we will have to wait until march for this trade to become possible.
Buy GDX (Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF) at and below $15.45 with a stop at $14.00
Buy GDXJ (Market Vector Junior Gold Miners ETF) at and below $21.15 with a stop at $19.00

Watch list: DRD Gold (DRD)
Endeavour Silver Corp. (EDR.TO)
McEwen Mining (MUX.TO)
MAG Silver Corp. (MAG.TO)
United States Oil Fund (USO)
Agriculture ETF (DBA)
iPath Bloomberg Grains Total Return Fund (JJG)

Track-Record: We got stopped out of our gold short position on January 4th at $1,083 for an outstanding gain of $97/contract or 8.2% (=8.08R).

6. Long-term personal beliefs (my bias)

Officially Gold is still in a bear market but the big picture has massively improved and the lows are very likely in. If Gold can take out $1,307 we finally have a new series of higher highs. If this bear is over a new bull-market should push Gold towards $1,500 within 1-3 years.

My long-term price target for the DowJones/Gold-Ratio remains around 1:1. and 10:1 for the Gold/Silver-Ratio. A possible long-term price target for Gold remains around US$5,000 to US$8,900 per ounce within the next 5-8 years (depending on how much money will be printed..).

Fundamentally, as soon as the current bear market is over, Gold should start the final 3rd phase of this long-term secular bull market. 1st stage saw the miners closing their hedge books, the 2nd stage continuously presented us news about institutions and central banks buying or repatriating gold. The coming 3rd and finally parabolic stage will end in the distribution to small inexperienced new traders & investors who will be subject to blind greed and frenzied panic.

Bitcoin could become the "new money" for the digital 21st century. It is free market money but surely politicians and central bankers will thrive to regulate it soon.


If you like to get regular updates on this model and gold + bitcoin you can subscribe to my free newsletter here: http://bit.ly/1EUdt2K


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