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Sunspot Record: Including "Maunder Minimum"

400-Years of Sunspot Observation

  • The Maunder Minimum was associated with the Little Ice Age.
  • The Dalton Minimum was associated with significant cooling. This is shown in the following chart.

Winter Severity Index

England Winter Severity Index

  • The Dalton Minimum was associated with the last serious phase of cooling.
  • The Maunder Minimum was associated with even lower temperatures.

Sunspot Record: Cycle 1 to 24

Sunspot Record: Cycle 1 to 24

  • Note the highs set by Cycle 18, 19, 21 and 22.
  • 19 was the highest on record.
  • This was associated with the former warming trend.
  • The decline has been impressive.
  • It is the sharpest decline since the one into Cycle 6 and 7 - called the "Dalton Minimum".
  • The trend of declining solar activity has been associated with climate cooling.
  • Been going on for millions of years.


Internationsl Sunspot Number

  • Note the series of lower peaks.
  • The April number was 38, down sharply from the March posting at 54.9.
  • Cycles 23 and 24 are setting the lowest solar activity since the Dalton Minimum.


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