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Time To Buy A Lada? Russian Auto Sales Are Booming

Time To Buy A Lada? Russian Auto Sales Are Booming

Russia’s flagship carmaker was once…

U.S.-Turkey Tensions Take A Dangerous Turn

U.S.-Turkey Tensions Take A Dangerous Turn

U.S.-Turkey tensions have reached a…

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Wealth Management - Delivering on the Promise

A Gillespie Research Associates guest article by Peter Wheeler, managing director, Family Office Network, LLC.

Doug Gillespie's Summary

Whether you are the recipient of or the provider of wealth-management services, you will find this article by Peter Wheeler of great interest and significant potential value.

If you are on the receiving end of these services, what is available, what can and should you expect? If you are delivering the services, what do your clients expect of you; how can you best deliver it?

Pete has been at the forefront of developing the state of the art in this quickly evolving industry. As he writes:

"Advisors are being asked to do more for their clients -- to be the client's wealth manager, wealth coach, personal CFO, etc. Without the right tools, this can be a challenging and non-profitable endeavor... However, with proper use, technology frees advisors to have more face time with their clients."

Pete goes on to opine:

"'Wealth Management' is not just a title, it's a process. It means knowing more about your clients and taking on new responsibilities. It means finding an efficient way to work with other advisors, to manage the process and provide clients with regular feedback... This article, we will review the evolution and reasons for wealth management and how advisors can deliver on the commitment to provide comprehensive services to their clients."

Continue to Gillespie Research for the balance of the essay: http://www.gillespieresearch.com/cgi-bin/s/article/id=715.

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