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The Problem With Modern Monetary Theory

The Problem With Modern Monetary Theory

Modern monetary theory has been…

Zombie Foreclosures On The Rise In The U.S.

Zombie Foreclosures On The Rise In The U.S.

During the quarter there were…

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The following is commentary that originally appeared at Treasure Chests for the benefit of subscribers on Monday, October 24, 2016.


It's all perception management. You are being managed by 'powers that be'. You are being managed in every aspect of your life, with the goal of complete mind and behavioral control. It's Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four.

The mainstream media (MSM) is the primary tool. The players act as one, set against the public at the behest of their oligarch / corporate masters, as is government. Their goal is to control the narrative in order to influence your perception and behavior in the promotion of central control and consumerism via propaganda. This has been the case increasingly since television overtook the 'American mind', coincident with the 'great quickening' in Western societal debasement, a situation that has now devolved into large percentages of the population living their lives in response to dogmatic cues they need from Facebook, where attention deficit has become a survival tool.

Nowhere has perception management of the American mind been made more obvious than in the present US Presidential election. A glaring example of this was made plain last week's debate, where when Trump was asked if he would accept a Democratic victory, after having just pointed out the election is 'rigged', provided a guarded answer. (i.e. which the next day MSM attempted to make Donald out to be 'the fascist' at the table.) This is of course a 'badge of honor' MSM and their masters' wear. But that's a standard ploy these 'clever bastards' use time and again - project the opposition as the 'bad guy' - what they are. And MSM propaganda is becoming more intensified as election time approaches. They must control the narrative, with special attention on Hillary being ahead in their rigged polls, or the ruse of plausibility when the deep state attempts to steal the election will not be believable.

And it goes much further than this naturally. Although the wall of propaganda is an impressive display of MSM muscle (in the perception management game), some would view this as a sign of growing desperation given the light of truth being shone on these people at the moment, exposing the corruption and hypocrisy up and down the line. So expect desperation (lunacy) to control the narrative right into Election Day on November 8th, when we will find out whether America turns into a full blown fascist state with Hillary at the helm, or just a quasi-version under Trump. Clearly a consensus of 'cake eating' and 'dumbed down' Americans want somebody to 'take care of them'. The only question now is what version of authoritarianism they will get. Do they want a self-indulgent monster that will destroy what remains of America - or a benevolent dictator - The Donald?

If you want to know what life will be like after a few years (months?) under Hillary's rein, just look at Venezuela today, or Hiroshima in 1945. This is what you will have - obliteration or some version of a dystopian nightmare.

So unfortunately we must get past the Dems stealing the election, something they have been doing successfully for 50 years apparently, but perhaps not with quite as much vigor as this time around. Because again, it's all about 'plausibility' when you are planning to steal an election. That's right - not only do you need rigged polls to show you're 'way ahead', when not the case in reality; but more, you actually need votes come crunch time if the illusion is to be believed (the real gap must be closed as much as possible), which is where guys like Bob Creamer come in. The idea here is to project Hillary as being ahead in the polls; then get the vote up where the machines can't be rigged by having the same people (including illegals) vote 10 times; then rig the machines when possible - and whatever else I'm forgetting (dead people voting, etc.) - all with the objective of getting her close enough on the surface to make it look 'plausible' when she's anointed President.

And from last week, we have this analysis as to why the deep state must control the narrative, as follows:

"And if that doesn't work to scare the plebs into voting for Hillary, the status quo will just have to blame Putin if the election doesn't turn out right, which is why they demonize him, every chance they get. No doubt they will continue this ploy. The question is 'would they get away with it?' Because calling the election a fraud on this basis and instituting martial law would not go over well - big time. This is big idea behind keeping non-internal polls close, so when the deep state attempts to steel the election from Trump via fraud (they will play the Electoral College card again), it will look plausible esthetically / logistically in the mainstream. Because if the true popular vote was allowed to be reflected in the poles today - Trump would have his landslide (not just a marginal lead) - where he will get the 'swing vote' at the end. A surprisingly large percentage of voters are incredibly insecure social creatures that need to be on the 'winning team' no matter who they are - believe it or not."

At least that's the plan anyway. The only problem is the status quo has impaired the economy to the point the plebs are now broken, no longer the consumers they once were, all part of the Clowerd and Piven Strategy to rule the world. Make no mistake; the deep state thinks you are too gullible and stupid to believe such things are for real. It's all conspiracy theory according to them. And for those who are awake enough to know better, they say right to your face. "What are you going to do about it? We run the government and police. What are you going to do about loser?" That's what you get for trusting 'these people in positions of power' today. (i.e. go through Wikileaks - it's all there.) You get screwed over, right in your face, and then you are told 'you're deplorable' because you are stupid and getting screwed over for trusting these same people. You're 'deplorable' because you're poor, and stupid, and naïve. This is what the elites (oligarchs, MSM) think of you.

Just look at what the Clinton foundation has done to Haiti. Talk about kicking someone when you are down. Who's deplorable? Hillary. However this is where plausible deniability comes in - because the Dems wouldn't let a monster like that head the party - right? 'Plausibility' and 'plausible deniability' are the cornerstones on which these monsters base their sordid strategies. So make no mistake, they will continue to kick America, and the world, when you are down as well. This is why the Russian's are steaming their navy to Syria - because of threats 'nut job' Dems in charge are making in order to stir up people's fears ahead of the election. (i.e. to make people vote for the safety of the status quo - the nut jobs.)

Unfortunately this is not just Wag The Dog however, not with the neocon nut jobs licking their chops at the prospects of a proxy war in Syria. Remember, these assholes think everybody is stupid, including the Russian's, and that they will back down when pressed. Thing is, the Russian's know this, and will likely turn the tables on these ridiculous people before it's all over. How will it turn out in the end assuming a mistake is not made and World War III is actually triggered? Nobody knows of course, but how about Russia leaving its navy in Mediterranean as it takes over the skies in the Middle East. That's a lose / lose scenario for everybody (except the Russians) including the neocons, because their war engineering days would be drastically impinged. But their greed for an immediate buck blinds them to this possibility. These warmongering assholes are so predictable. Because of this, and the fact they have been exposed to the public, they are set to fail this time around.

On to the rigged markets now, and management of perception economics (MOPE), and how this is set to blow up on the 'powers that be' in the not too distant future as well.

In terms of the stock market, as measured by the S&P 500 (SPX), now that we are part options expiry last Friday, we once again have that brief window this week where anything can happen before status quo price managers come back in as month end approaches (window dressing), and the effect of the present options cycle starts working on prices as the next expiry approaches. In looking at the monthly plot of the 'risk adjusted' SPX below, it would be the least surprising to see status quo rats start jumping ship ahead of time all things considered, with the most important being interest rates are set to rise next year no matter who wins the election. Why is this the case? Because of what I just said. Because next year is the year after the election, the year monetary authorities do their 'dirty work'. And in this case, their 'dirty work' will be centered on getting a hollowed out consumer base 'stimulated' again, with the only problem being they will need to unleash helicopter money (and rising interest rates in response) in order to accomplish this. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1
SPX:VIX Monthly Chart

It's their own fault they are in this situation of course, with the increasing financial engineering / financial repression over the past 40 years, which is another way of saying management of perception economics (MOPE) was used on the public, but has now run into the brick wall of reality. So, don't be surprised if you see the more tuned in status quo'ers start to bail out of both the stock and bond markets this week (especially after seeing this), especially if Trump continues to claw his way back up in MSM polls. Thing is, even they will have to cut the bullshit as the election comes closer in order to attempt maintaining some degree of credibility. What will happen to them afterward if The Donald gets in - he's hates them now. Let's all hope they are put in their place so that this cannot happen again. Time will tell. In the meantime, you want to watch tech stocks this week for clues the party is over. Although no clues are apparent yet, as can be seen below in their continued relative strength against more conservative blue chips (the Dow), this can change quickly. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2
COMPQ:INDU Monthly Chart

The chart you want to watch closely in this regard is directly below - the risk adjusted monthly NADSAQ plot, which not coincidentally, looks very similar to Figure 1 - set to possibly fail here. Given such a flag failure would not necessarily be terminal for prospects of higher prices ultimately, because the Feb is talking about printing more money (Yellen's high pressure economy), only the foolish would be betting bullish after such a break without concrete knowledge the Fed is ready to step in again with more QE right away. Of course all this looks very strange and conflict with their present bullshit story that the future's so bright - they must raise administered rates. But that's what the Fed is reduced to these days - talking out of both sides of its collective mouth. (i.e. double speak.) What this means for stocks in general is while the Fed will undoubtedly be quick to bailout its bubbles moving forward, with future successes far more questionable than past efforts, the thing that needs to happen before more QE can be expected, is the market must first breakdown in order to justify such a response. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3
COMPQ:VXN Monthly Chart

Thing is, this time around, stocks will be pressured lower due to rising inflations expectations and stagflation concerns, much like what happened in the 1970's once the US (and world) went off the gold standard completely. (i.e. the ball got rolling in this regard with FDR in 1933.) And this will be a constant problem for them on an ongoing basis, likely leaving the broads range bound for an extended time best-case scenario. This is not necessarily true of commodity stocks of course, especially precious metals as they trade as currencies as well. However unless investors (including central banks) better embrace precious metals on a global basis to the extent Western pricing influence is finally broken, one must remain realistic. Will a crashing USDollar ($) make a difference? Most assuredly; however, more for the metals themselves than the shares if general stock market liquidity is contracting. And that's the next shoe to drop with margin debt levels at record highs - make no mistake about that. The prospect of rising prices due to increasing money printing will bring higher commodity prices, and along with that higher interest rates as US central planners attempt to stabilize the $.

The above was penned two weeks ago, however you would never know it looking at what is happening right now.

What a lovely mess we have gotten ourselves into - no?

See you next time.


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