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The following is commentary that originally appeared at Treasure Chests for the benefit of subscribers on Monday, November 7, 2016.


Say what you want about the guy, like Scotsman William Wallace of Braveheart fame, Donald Trump has started 'a movement' of the common folk in America like no other since it's founding. He has seized the moment with Hillary's 'deplorables' - you know - America's hard working and honest people - two things she knows nothing about. And while it's true Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which normally would alienate him from this constituency, at the same time he knows how to talk to people, coming across as being genuine on real concerns affecting a now besieged public after eight-years of intensifying Cloward and Piven Strategy, Neoconservatism, Globslism, and general oligarchy proliferation under the Obama Administration, which will be his legacy.

We know this because the national debt has doubled, banks still run the show, and America is still blowing up everything that moves in the Middle East - and is in the process of attempting to goat Russia into a real shooting war - that could go terribly wrong.

Understandably then, it's this lunacy that the Clinton machine intends to continue if she is elected that has empowered Trump, because the American public is waking up to the political elite's disdain for its subjects (like in Braveheart), where it's getting both increasingly obvious and serious these days. So again, it's easy to understand why Trump is going 'rock star', a phenomenon that is going global. He's one brave SOB that doesn't back down from anybody or anything, which is his appeal in the hero department, again, like Wallace. And while a comparison to George Washington, and what is being deemed a second American Revolution, is perhaps more fitting from a US centric perspective, Braveheart is sexier - no? George Washington is just not sexy like The Donald.

But we shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves here of course, because let's face it; the shadow government will remain in tact until the entire edifice comes crashing down, and that's not yet. What's more, being the bold assholes they are, it wouldn't be surprising to see these people attempt to place Hillary in power anyway in spite of the worst scandals and 'official crimes' in American history, stuff that makes Nixon look like a choir boy. Because as pointed out last week, the status quo has nothing to lose at this point, so the 'plausibility' game is still being played, right to the end. The headlines from last Friday read, "Goldman Sachs Still Expect Hillary To Win The Election" and "Hillary Clinton Regains 2 Point Lead In Latest ABC/WAPO Poll". If you're an idiot and only follow far left media, you might still think Hillary is a shoe-in.

So again, don't be surprised if Hillary is pronounced President tomorrow thanks to a little mind control and fraction magic. And again, if that doesn't work, and Trump gets in somehow (heaven knows getting the popular vote is not enough these days), don't get too excited about Hillary doing jail anytime soon (think pardon), or things fundamentally changing along the Beltway just yet. The Donald hasn't been taken into the backroom for that talk JFK ignored yet, so who knows - right? Assuming he gets in however, which on the surface looks like the 'shoe-in' at this point, still, it will be interesting to see how Trump handles the rank corruption in Washington and bloated petards in New York. He sure puts himself out as an action man - but then so did Obama - and look what happened there.

That said, one must remain optimistic - no? Donald is not stupid. He sees what the embedded bureaucrats are doing to Europe, and more specifically France (Paris - there goes the tourist industry), and wants no part of such lunacy - this I believe. His true measure will be how well he fends off the globalists, with special attention on the (crazy) Chinese. Why are the Chinese crazies? Well, just look at them. If one is good for you and me - the Chinese need twenty - or a billion. It seems their greed has no bounds, which makes them extremely dangerous from a longevity perspective. You can't eat smog; or drink sand; or manufacture prosperity with ghost cities. But hey, don't tell that to the Chinese ruling class that is attempting to install authoritarian control in America now - that's why they are buying up the propaganda machine.

Going full circle then, how well Trump does will depend on how he deals with the 'deep state' (embedded bureaucrats) at home, which will in turn directly affect his ability to clamp down on the 'shadow government' - our corporate and foreign masters - the New World Order (NWO). Is he really a 'Braveheart'? I hope so, don't you? Heck, I'd be happy with a boring old George Washington at this point - no? Because 'We the People' need a genuine hero at this fragile time - not another liar - we need our FREEDOM. America would not survive another self-serving shit-bag in the Oval Office, that's for sure. Trust is a rare commodity these days. And once trust is broken - it's a bitch to get it back. Personally, I am not optimistic in this regard.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised to see America broken into pieces in coming years as the financial ruin spun since the Clinton's unleashed their wrecking ball on the world finally comes home to roost. So if Hillary is going to jail, and there's a good chance she is (pardon or no pardon), then I hope they keep her on ice for a while, because it will take a few years to see the totality of the fallout that is coming thanks to all the double dealing, self interest, and lies all these years. It's the decentralization process I've been talking about for years now that's the natural reaction when one is under attack. The globalization story sounds logical and attractive on the surface because it's a clever one, with the assault on your liberties, pocket book, and very existence has been subtle enough to either recruit or fool the masses for years, but that's over now. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1
Silver:SPX Monthly Chart

All we need is to see the Silver/S&P 500 (SPX) Ratio to break above .010, the Fibonacci 34-monthly exponential moving average seen above, and then continue through the 'trend definer' (155-month EMA) at .013, to know the globalists have lost control of the macro, and uncontrollable money printing is underway. Because silver is the status quo's kryptonite. It's the ultimate signal and most heavily manipulated commodity on the face of the planet. Unlike gold, silver is a much smaller market and trades in locales because it's very expensive to move around due to its weight. So long ago, the globalists decided to go off the Silver Standard, and ever since then they have been managing the price, which is why it's the only commodity in existence still trading under 1970's prices, when the great inflation kicked off with the elimination of the Gold Standard. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2
Weekly Silver Chart

Technical Note: The weekly chart is shown above to display how indicators and stochastics have rolled over, and the moves appear to be incomplete. Like precious metal shares, in the initial stages of a 'deflation scare', which could develop post election, silver could take an additional hit due to its association with its industrial uses.

Because the idea is if they can keep silver under control, they can keep gold under control too, where they have been very successful in this regard for many years now, as again, silver has a small and easily manipulated market - especially with all the greedy bulls playing it trying to 'get rich quick'. And these guys, who are primarily hedge funds, who show up as the Large Speculators on Comex, are the dumbest traders on the face of the planet, whose pockets are regularly picked by the Commercials, better known as the banks. Like now, where large speculators are accumulating paper gold and silver due to the election, once bearish news comes out, Large Speculators are forced to liquidate their positions, making Comex a self managing system, one the bankers only need topple over occasionally, allowing these knucklehead to do the rest. (See Figure 3)

Figure 3
Monthly Gold Chart

So its no coincidence gold has been stopped by the Commercials at $1300 again, which as pointed out previously, is key resistance. Once gold makes it over $1300 on a lasting basis, which would be signaled with two consecutive closes over $1380, it would likely run back up to $2000 very quickly, and beyond. The monthly plot from the Chart Room pictured above looks much more constructive than the weekly silver chart, so let's hope gold doesn't close back below the 'swing line' (21-month EMA) anytime soon, which would turn the energy flow back down. As you can see above, a close back below $1250 would be bearish, bringing in the possibility of a move all the way down to recent lows at the large round number of $1,000. Such a move would not be a good thing because it would raise the possibility we just completed a b-wave in a larger degree corrective affair, meaning it could take years for the bull to return.

This is not probable however, because it would mean central planners would not react to such conditions (deflationary), which is not likely, even with Trump as President. Supporting this view, we have his choice for Treasury Secretary, a former Goldman Sachs partner and Soros employee, Steve Munchin, working closely with the Fed to stave off deflation should it occur. And it should occur if the bond market gets away on central planners, which would signal a deleveraging crash in the economy/markets. You will remember, margin debt levels are still at record highs, which like 2000 and 2008, must be purged before another growth cycle in the markets could emerge. And this includes precious metals stocks. Bullion not so much, however gold, and especially silver, would not escape a severe deleveraging episode if history is a good guide.

Good investing all.


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