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Nothing to Lose - Mr. Trump

This is an open letter to President Trump, which I hope he both reads and understands.

By way of introduction, and something you may or may not be ware of, I penned this piece entitled Braveheart back in November to celebrate your wonderful win, where you were elected the 'hero of the republic and common folk' - their savior from the evil doers.

That said, and to set the tone for this open letter to you, please see recent comments from commentary published a few weeks back involving possible increasing vulnerabilities for America due the radical change you profess to be bringing to the table, as follows:

"Wouldn't it be 'funny' if China unleashed increasing percentages of its still bountiful currency reserves on gold and silver bullion, with emphasis not on the former, but the latter considering its strategic importance to America's interconnected markets. As you would know from reading my reports on silver throughout the years, silver is not just important to the maintenance of the larger credit bubble - it's everything. The entire financial repression game, with interest rates at center, depend on keeping silver subdued, because of key inter-market relationships with gold (currencies), bonds, and equities, where radical change would unhinge the derivatives markets employed to manage the larger pricing nexus.

So if China really wanted to hurt the US, all it has to do is set silver free from its COMEX shackles, the primary price-managing instrument used to keep general prices under control. And there's only one way to do that - buy it all (which they could do with trillions in foreign currency reserves) - or at least make global price differentials so substantial arbitrage becomes a 'no brainer' for the billionaires of the world. Then a 'buying panic' would ensure that would accomplish the same goal - it would clean them out - even JP Morgan's stash. It wouldn't take much if a true panic to accumulate physical silver ever takes hold, where momentum would eventually bring in all varieties of funds (sovereign, hedge, pension, etc.), not to mention the public. It wouldn't take much at all once it gets rolling - especially with Trump shaking things up."

Fast foreword to today, Wednesday February 8th, while precious metals continue to understandably push higher given the 'true backdrop', I must point out silver's underperformance to gold again under the guise it's an 'industrial metal', so this is supposed to be understandable because stock market futures are down. Please realize however this is the BS story the bankers want you to believe, all the while selling unlimited amounts of COMEX silver contracts to control the price, as proved in last week's COT numbers. The banks sold silver down mercilessly last week with no fear of reparation, where its price would have performed much better otherwise. The question then arises, 'is this what we should continue to expect with Goldman Sachs in control of the Treasury again?'

Where are the regulators Mr. Trump? Are you really 'in charge'? If you are truly concerned with making America great again, you will need to do something about this situation. America's got to take the hit before it's possible to be great again - you need honest markets Mr. Trump - you can take that to the bank. If you don't bring proper price discovery back to the markets, all your efforts will be for naught, because as you know, there's no free lunch. Be truly honest with the people Mr. Trump - we've already got a full quota of fakes. Your legacy will be failure in the end if you don't as you've been targeted as the 'fall guy' anyway. The falling money supply growth rates prove this assertion. Check it out.

Your actions on Friday were not encouraging in this regard Mr. Trump. One could think you are attempting to deceive the American people like your predecessors. One could think you are playing 'the game', because you are not draining the swamp. You know - what you promised to do last year.

Please tell us another collapse isn't being engineered (to be capitalized on by Wall Street), because it's hard to believe you could be that naïve? If the markets crash, which is inevitable at some point, the people will be looking for a scapegoat, and your many enemies will make sure that goat is you Mr. Trump. First they will run you through the ringer, and then they will attempt to impeach you.

So you see, you really have nothing to lose by sticking to your promises - all of them - even the hard ones. Just be honest with the people - they're not stupid as you know (they elected you) - so don't think they won't understand 'truth' and that 'true pricing' needs to be brought back to the table. Because again, you have nothing to lose from such a move, as you are being made the 'designated goat' anyway - the outsider of the enemy within - never mind China.

Bring back honest pricing to gold and silver because it's the right thing to do in the rebuilding of Americana - the America you love. The show you have put on so far, while impressive on the surface, lacks real punching power. If you want to fix that, back your blows with real weight, punches that truly hurt the opposition. Playing into their hands by making Middle America more indebted via an accommodative Fed is not the answer because larger bubbles will only burst bigger in the end. And the closer this is to election time the worse for you.

Yes, it will take time this way too, and there are risks; but if you are serious about wanting to be in the White House for another four-years after 2020, you have no choice but to take such risks by neutralizing America's enemies now, both foreign and domestic. Otherwise you will just be enriching the oligarchs further - the Beltway and Wall Street parasites - you know - America's enemy from within you promised to neutralize.

Bring honest pricing back to America's markets Mr. Trump; because again, as outlined above, for one reason or another, you have nothing to lose.

We are watching.


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