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  • 7 mins UK Stocks Bounce Back From Worst Selloff In Years
  • 1 hour Geopolitical Uncertainty Weighs On Global Markets
  • 3 hours Gold May Still Be On Its Way Down
  • 5 hours Bionic Cells: The Future Of Solar Energy?
  • 21 hours The Biggest Winners Of Q2 Earnings Season
  • 2 days Experts Suggest A Gold Shortage May Be Looming
  • 3 days The World Is Drowning In $247 Trillion Debt
  • 3 days Tightening Immigration Policy Could Hurt The Tech Sector
  • 3 days The First Bitcoin ETF Might Be Just Months Away
  • 3 days U.S. Rent Costs Hit All-Time High
  • 3 days European Allies Plan To Continue Trade With Iran
  • 3 days Bitcoin Bounces Off Key Resistance Level
  • 4 days These 3 Industries Are Immune To The Trade War
  • 4 days Is This The Answer To The Looming U.S. Healthcare Crisis?
  • 4 days UK Regulators Hit Facebook With £500,000 Fine
  • 4 days Tesla’s U.S. Tax Credit Coming To An End
  • 4 days Ex-Goldman Banker Caught In A Billion Dollar Fraud Scandal
  • 4 days Investors React To Escalating Trade War Drama
  • 4 days The Three Horsemen Of The Bitcoin Apocalypse
  • 5 days 10 Countries Feeling The Heat As The Trade War Escalates
These 3 Industries Are Immune To The Trade War

These 3 Industries Are Immune To The Trade War

U.S. President Donald Trump has…

Life Returns To S&P 500 Ahead Of Earnings Report

Life Returns To S&P 500 Ahead Of Earnings Report

It’s earnings season again and…

Buy Signal for Stocks

Dow Jones Industrial Average   11,051
Value Line Arithmetic Index   1,925
30-Year Treasury Yield (TYX)   5.10%
20+ Year Treasury Bond Price (TLT)   85.28
Gold 1/10 Ounce (GLD) $61.14

The Big Picture for Stocks
The 4-year cycle calls for a bear market bottom in 2006.

Technical Trendicator (1-4 month trend):
Stock Prices
  Up (New, see below)
Bond Prices   Up
Gold Price   Up

Our Technical Trendicator for stocks gave a buy signal today July 24. One key factor is one of the psychology indicators we follow, the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) sentiment survey of the percentage of bulls. It dropped to only 24% this week. I have also noted that a large percentage of money managers and analysts on CNBC have given bearish views lately. Always looking for the contrary view, these are indications that the market is sold out near term.

In addition, the stock price trends have turned upward. Note the chart below.

It is not likely that this is the end of the bear market. I expect another drop to new lows later in the year as we get further weakening of the economic data, especially from the consumer sector. But for now, things look OK. The chances of a pause by the fed is very high now, which would be more fuel for a rally.

Accordingly, in the Special Situations portfolio we are liquidating some but not all of our bearish positions. Sell the long position in the Rydex Inverse Mid-cap (RYMHX, 40.64), and cover the short position in the S&P Smallcap 600 (IJR, 59.12).

Just a note about one of the issues on our Ducks of the Dow list -- Merck. Merck is on two of our four quarterly buy lists. It has been the talk of the town on CNBC lately. It is treating us well as we got in cheap a few months ago.


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