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The New World Order: Incognito

The New World Order


"Remold It Nearer To The Heart's Desire" [1]


Last week we discussed the forming of the Round Table Groups, first in London, then in the other British territories, including New York, as well. The establishment of these groups, scattered across the world, created a network of elite individuals who shared the same basic goals: the establishment of a New World Order - with a one world order of international global government.

World War I saw the Paris Peace Conference emerge as the arbiter between the fractured nation states that had fought one another into near oblivion. The people had been beaten into submission - they were ready for peace, for a helping hand to salvage the last vestiges of the life they had once known.

For an elitist, the Paris Peace Conference was a dream come true. The world was looking for help - for salvation from the killing, and they were ready to pay almost any price - to accept anything that did not reek of the foul stench of war. It was a time to rebuild, a time to put the broken pieces back together again, a time to heal.


We have seen that two opposing divisions existed in the British Round Table Group: one faction led by Lionel Curtis, believed in, and wanted to create, a one world order of government; the other group led by Lord Alfred Milner wanted to consolidate the existing British empire by creating an Imperial Federation.

Milner was not a believer in international government, he preferred a supranational form of government for the British Empire. He cared not for the rest of the world. Curtis on the other hand was for a one world international government - a complete world overhaul by the creation of a New World Order.

Failure or Victory

It is somewhat ironic that neither group obtained their desired goals at the Paris Peace Conference. Not only did the main Round Table Group in London not establish a United Federation of the British Empire, it actually unwittingly helped build a consensus for the replacement of the Empire with a Commonwealth of Nations. Not exactly what Milner had in mind. Such are the ways of the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.

Likewise, Curtis's vision of a one world government was not established, but he did see the League of Nations prevail, which was a crucial step in the right direction. However, we saw that the main source of the League was President Wilson, who ended up not signing the pact due to Senator Henry Cabot Lodge and other Americans Senators who were adamantly opposed to it, and stopped the U.S.'s acceptance of it dead in its tracks.

Nevertheless, just because the United States did not ratify membership in the League, the League was still created. An international organization with international goals now existed. This was a major step forward for the elite collectivists, who now had a recognized and accepted organization that they could work behind to establish their New World Order.

Although the specific end goals of the elite were not realized at the Paris Peace Conference, the groundwork had been laid. The Round Table Group could now be used as a structured and detailed model upon which the creation of other similar international organizations could be based. And so they were. We will now take a look at some of them.

Council On Foreign Relations

One of the most famous quotes by the Scion of the Rothschild Dynasty sums up the hierarchical structure and mindset of the ruling elite:

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who is King or Queen." [2]

From this we see that if one has control of a nations currency they have more power and control then the King or Queen. As stated previously - the money power is the greatest power existent, even mightier then the military power. Without money to fund the military there would be no military.

As is readily apparent - Rothschild understood this perfectly well, and he was a master artist in using the purse strings to paint the face of the social world-view he envisioned. But how does one gain control of an entire nation's currency? We will eventually address this issue - for now the task before us is the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR).

We have seen that the United States would not ratify the Versailles Treaty, and consequently, the League of Nations was not accepted by the US. The League was the precipitating reason that Congress refused to sign the Treaty. They wanted no part of the socialist plan.

Lionel Curtis recommended that a front organization was needed in both Britain and the United States that seemed innocuous and politically correct in the public's eye. He recommended an Institute of International Affairs, having one chapter in the United States, and another in Britain.

The British organization was named the Royal Institute of International Affairs. In the United States it was the Council on Foreign Relations. The CFR was incorporated in 1921. Besides Curtis, founding members included Colonel House, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and Paul Warburg.


These were the same international elite collectivists that created the Federal Reserve, which is the answer to our earlier question: how can one control the money of a nation. It's easy - just create a central bank that has control of the money power and allow it to create money out of thin air. J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, and Otto Kahn, were all involved in financing the CFR.

Remember in the second paper of this series where we said that the legal profession's role in the establishment of the New World Order is often overlooked: the founding president of the CFR was John W. Davis, one of J.P. Morgan's personal attorneys. The pervasiveness of the elite to go deep within the center of any group they target, is truly amazing.

As far as infiltrating targeted organizations - for the CFR it was child's play. Since 1934 almost every United States Secretary of State has been a CFR member, and ALL Secretaries of War or Defense up to Cheney have been members. Most Presidents have been members, as well.

Allen Dulles was a founding member of the CFR. He became President of the CFR. Allen was the brother of John Foster Dulles the Secretary of State for Eisenhower. John had been one of Wilson's wiz kids at the Paris Peace Conference. He also married a Rockefeller and served on several boards of directors for Rockefeller.

The Council of Foreign Relations is comprised of former elite government officials at the highest level, titans of industry and the transnational corporations they control, or the international banking houses that control the central banks and the world's money.

Honor Roll

Some of the members whose names you will recognize follow:

Colonel House, David Rockefeller, Thomas Foley, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Paul A. Volcker, Prince Edward, Prince Charles of Wales, Madeleine K. Albright, Zbigniew Brzezinski, George H.W. Bush, William Jefferson Clinton, Donald E. Graham, Henry A. Kissinger, Richard N. Perle, George Soros, Lawrence H. Summers, Robert S. McNamara, John D. Rockefeller IV.

Elite collectivists may allow public awareness that the CFR exists, nevertheless they do not permit any statements made by the members to be reported in the press, unless approved of by the upper echelon of the group. This is referred to as the Non-Attribution Rule, where nothing said can be attributed to any specific member.

The CFR has its own public publication oozing its propaganda from every pore, as well as its own website: Foreign Affairs. Check it out, you will not believe some of what you read.

The question arises of necessity: why is there a group of non-elected officials (many of whom were previously elected officials as well as leaders in the corporate sector) discussing issues which our government is either involved in, or suddenly becomes involved in, after the CFR discusses it.

Even more importantly is why should an elite group of individuals be allowed to decide the future of the world for the rest of us? Why should this minority decide for the majority that global governance of a one world government is needed to realize their New World Order.

"The near monopoly of power once enjoyed by sovereign entities is being eroded ... states must be prepared to cede some sovereignty to world bodies ... Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker ... The goal should be to redefine sovereignty for the era of globalization, to find a balance between a world of fully sovereign states and an international system of either world government or anarchy." [3]

Should a non-elected group of elite former politicians and titans of industry meet together and "hold council" that immediately gets the ear of our present administration and elected officials? How much sway and influence does this elite group have upon our government? Would We The People be listened to as readily as this group is? Think about these questions the next time you vote - and vote accordingly.

Fabian Society

The Fabian Society was created in 1884 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb along with Edward Pease. Some of the earliest members were George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells. They readily admit to being collectivists and socialists who want to initiate social reform and change.

In 1900 the Fabian Society joined with the trade unions in Britain to form the Labour Party. To this day their relationship has remained intact. The Group is recognized as the architect of the welfare state: a precursor to Roosevelt's New Deal.

Their signature trademark was the belief in the "inevitability of gradualness" that their ideas would eventually permeate into both government and private institutions, and from there spread out into society in general.

One of their greatest achievements (in their eyes) was the start of the London School of Economics, which became a fountainhead of socialistic economic theory, both in education and in the implementation in the real world as well. John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White were two future members steeped in the economics of socialism.

Some of the Fabian's main beliefs were that they were against free trade and favored protectionism to protect the all important State from foreign competition. They also believed in the nationalization of land, as opposed to private ownership.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are both members. Interesting that the Prime Minister of Britain belongs to an elite socialist organization, and that President Bush and Blair supposedly see eye to eye on most issues. When no one else would back Bush's rush to judgment concerning Iraq - Blair stood resolutely by his side, sending his own troops in harm's way.

Bernard Shaw summed up the mindset of the Society when he said:

"I, as a Socialist, have had to preach, as much as anyone, the enormous power of the environment. We can change it; we must change it; there is absolutely no other sense in life than the task of changing it. What is the use of writing plays, what is the use of writing anything, if there is not a will which finally moulds chaos itself into a race of gods." [4]

The Work of Infamy

Bernard Shaw designed the stain glass window below for the Fabian Society. It is a most fascinating window, not only for the messages and hidden meanings its design depicts, but also in regards to its disappearance for over 25 years from the time of its creation.

Two men are shown smashing down on a globe of the world with two large hammers. The globe rests upon an anvil. Above the globe can be seen the inscription that reads:


The saying is from a stanza of Omar Khayyam:

"Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire
To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits,
And then remold it nearer to the heart's desire!" [5]

Above the globe is a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing. Below subjects kneel in reverence, all except one whom seems to be mocking the others. H.G. Wells also made an interesting statement shedding some light on just what the Society believed in:

"This idea of a planned world-state is one to which all our thought
and knowledge is tending ... It is appearing partially and experimentally at a thousand points ... its coming is likely to happen quickly." [6]

I can't recall just where I heard it, but I remember someone of some fame talking about a 1000 points of light.

"It is only by the co-operation of States which have common ideals that the new world order can be built up, and the idea of the commonwealth, the principle of the conscious and responsible co-operation of the citizen in the making of laws by which he is bound, is the only possible foundation for the world-State of the future." [7]

As stated earlier in this paper, Tony Blair is a member of the Fabian Society. Not possible you say. Read the following excerpts from a speech Blair made in 2002 as reported in the Guardian News Paper, which is linked in the footnotes for verification.

Time to move beyond 1945

"It is time to acknowledge that the 1945 settlement was a product of its time and we must not be a prisoner of it. Labour created the NHS, the welfare state and expanded educational opportunity. These are our crown jewels and prize achievements, built by our political heroes and heroines. So it's understandable that to suggest they are no longer always good enough and must be radically reformed can touch raw nerves."

"The 1945 settlement was the social equivalent of mass production, largely state-directed and managed, built on a paternalist relationship between state and individual, one of donor and recipient."

"Now is the time to advance our vision. We have the potential to settle the political contours for generations to come; to establish a new consensus that shifts the gravity of British politics decisively in a progressive direction."

"Our task is to give modern expression to our values in a time of new and unprecedented aspirations, declining deference and increasing choice, of diverse needs and greater personal autonomy. We do so with Tony Crosland's concluding words to The Future of Socialism in mind: "Socialist aspirations were first formulated over 100 years ago. Some remain urgently relevant ... but of course new issues, not then foreseen, and increasingly important as the old evils are conquered, have arisen since; and they may be slightly significant for welfare, freedom, and social justice." [8]

These are the words of Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Britain, published by the Fabians as "The Courage of our Convictions: Why Reform of the Public Services is the Route to Social Justice" as written in 27.09.2002: Blair's case for radical change as reported by the Guardian.

Perhaps one of the elite collectivists most powerful tools in gaining control of the world is their patience. They know that such change, if its social structure is to remain hidden and unknown to the general public, requires extended periods of time to slowly and unknowingly seep into the social structure of society. Decades mean nothing to them. Many of the elite families have worked on the plan for centuries.

They did not change the world overnight after World War I, but they did lay the foundation for The House of the Rising Sun - The House of Draconis. This ends part 4 - next week part 5.

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

Even so, every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth bad fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire."

"Wherefore, by their fruits ye shall know them." [9]


[1] Quote From Fabian Stained Glass Window
[2] Mayer Amschel Rothschild
[3] Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, Feb. 21st, 2006
[4] George Bernard Shaw
[5] Omar Khayyam
[6] H.G. Wells,The Open Conspiracy: Blueprints For A World Revolution
[7] Alfred Zimmern
[8] Fabian Society | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics
[9] Matthew 7:15-20


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