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The Coppock Curve Buy Signals of 4/28/78 & 5/30/03 in Phase Space

In my July 30 communication I argued that, difficult though it may be for the eye to detect, the deep Monthly DJIA Coppock Curve buy signals of 4/28/78 and 5/30/03 are a true pair with regard to their pre-signal time path pattern on a scatter chart showing the Six by Ten CI-NCI Ratio and the inverted Six by Ten Trin.

When the same pre-signal time spans (789 and 722 trading days respectively) are plotted in the Cycloops phase space described in my June 16 communication, the pattern shared by 4/28/78 and 5/30/03 is once again difficult for the eye to detect.

Isolating the natural log of the inverted Six by Ten Trin helps...

...as does isolating the other, more complex coordinate:

In my very unscientific opinion there is enough similarity to say that 4/28/78 and 5/30/03 are a true pair in that they share a pre-signal time path pattern in Cycloops phase space.

Incidentally, any deep Monthly DJIA Coppock Curve buy signal is entirely a complex function of the Monthly DJIA over many months through the date of that signal. Some similarity in the Monthly DJIA over the 24 months ending on 4/28/78 and over the 24 months ending on 5/30/30 should not be surprising.

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