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Brains Filled with Mush while Nation Crumbles

It absolutely baffles my mind. Turn on the news to see what's happening in the world and what are they talking about? The latest murder mystery; which mega-star is sleeping or breaking up with whom, etc; I could go on and on with the idiotic list, but my new favorite is the mainstream BREAKING NEWS that 16year old Lynn Spears (Britney Spears' younger sister) is pregnant. WOW, thanks for telling me because that certainly IS important.... It then gets worse, as they waste available airtime with analysts dissecting the issue in detail. WHO REALLY CARES?

So I turn to the next available news channel and lo and behold they are discussing the same... Geesh, I got to turn this crap off.

On my drive home from work, I tune in to AM talk-radio hoping for some intelligent discussion. I typically listen to Savage or Beck, but it's a bit early today, and as I'm scanning through my usual channels, guess what the topic of the day is? You got it--Spears! Holy cow--I'm really irritated now. Aren't there any intelligent people out there? Aren't there more important things going on in the world?

Maybe it's not really the media's fault, as they are only catering to the attention span of the majority--ignorant consumers who live for today and care more about "Dancing with the Stars", Cribs, the latest celebrity gossip and the next football game spread than most anything else. Maybe these folks are trying to vicariously live through someone else's experiences, wondering what it would be like to be rich and famous for a day. Perhaps it just that people are just too shallow and superficial to relate to the realities of the world--(oh, it's all so confusing out there, so I'll just stick with what I know). Or maybe, just maybe, the media conglomerates have been successful in their efforts to dumb-down society to the point that by discounting real-world problems (and real-world solutions), the nation's people stay ignorant/oblivious, while the monied elite influence government policy through new legislation -- to their own benefit and bottom lines (example -- outsourcing of jobs and the fleecing of America).

It's all a facade:
No longer do we have a Government of the people for the people. Our leaders have been and are continuing to neglect us to the benefit of corporate interests. Sure they make huge promises to get elected, but once in office, it's all about the high power lobbyists and corporate bottom lines. I can't tell you how disgusted I am with the current administration (who I helped to put in office) and the entire pack of leading presidential candidates -- they are all con men/women who are going to tell you what you want to hear, get into office then turn the other cheek. Don't believe for a minute that they care about you or your future -- they are interested in themselves, their futures, their wallets and once in office they will act just like everyone else -- bowing to corporate special interests.

Power and Greed are two very powerful forces:
Though I highly doubt our current and future politicians actually have a set agenda to intentionally harm our country, I do believe many of these elected leaders are just as ignorant as the masses who elected them, and once in office, the power and greed gets the best of them, and they are easily persuaded (by others who have already kowtowed to special interests) to work an agenda at the behest of corporate desires--unwittingly working to the detriment of the people and of the country...

The ironic part is: these detrimental agendas are usually sold to the public as "Good Things"... and we believe.

The sad part is: those who question the issues or who believe differently than the message our mainstream propagandists spew are labeled "Conspiracy Nuts" by the media and ignorant masses.

To summarize:
The media conglomerates constantly fill our brains with mush to distract us from reality, while politicians pass legislation to take away our rights, spend like drunken sailors, devalue our currency, outsource our jobs, increase our debt, take away our sovereignty (e.g. North American Union), ignore our immigration concerns, create booms, bubbles and busts, etc and the masses could care less, because American Idol is on tonight.

I'm sure you know I'm being facetious with the above statement, but also hope I successfully made my point -- the majority are oblivious, ignorant and happy and the powers that be like it that way...

As I stated in a previous post (3rd World America): American society has made it an accepted norm to be caught up in trivial things (fashion, keeping up with the Jones', reality TV, the latest unsolved murder mystery, sports, shopping, Hollywood, petty lawsuits, material things, etc), and the truly important things in life (family, values, education, hard work, social courtesies, respect, religion, caring for others, etc) have fallen by the wayside. Each and every day our brains are filled with mush and we become far too ignorant to realize that the things that once made us a great nation are slipping away.

Well, our once great nation is now collapsing before our eyes. Foreigners own HUGE PORTIONS of US Domestic Industries, Banks are failing (soon we'll have banking runs), millions of families are going to lose their homes, inflation is raging, the dollar is tanking, Government spending is out of control, outsourcing continues, the North American Union plan continues while immigration issues are ignored, etc, yet we fail to open our eyes to see what is happening. It's quite appalling that we've sunken this far and unless the masses pull their heads out of the sand quickly, we are doomed.

Knowing this, if you had the chance to change things would you?


If you haven't already done so, Google Ron Paul, do your own research (don't let the biased mainstream news brain-mush influence your thoughts/decisions) and help to make a difference--before our Nation Crumbles.



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