• 14 hours Three Energy Casualties In The Coronavirus Crisis
  • 1 day Markets Crumble As Coronavirus Panic Peaks
  • 2 days Cobalt May Be The Key To Clean Hydrogen Fuel
  • 4 days How Taxpayers Are Bankrolling The EV Revolution
  • 4 days The Coronavirus Is Crushing China’s Car Market
  • 5 days Fighting For Survival In The Streaming War
  • 6 days Want A Job? Forget About A Bachelor’s Degree
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  • 7 days Are Americans Finally Sold On Soccer?
  • 8 days Is The Tech Bubble About To Burst?
  • 8 days Coronavirus Could Cost Tourism Industry $80 Billion
  • 8 days What Web Traffic Trends Can Tell Us About The World
  • 9 days Miners Face Greater Headwinds
  • 9 days Boris Johnson Proposes Billion Dollar Bridge To Northern Ireland
  • 11 days Goldman Slashes Oil Price Forecast By $10
  • 12 days Tesla Raises $2 Billion In Share Selloff
  • 12 days What The T-Mobile Takeover Of Sprint Really Means For Markets
  • 12 days The U.S. Has Charged Huawei With Racketeering And Conspiracy
  • 13 days How Hydrogen Could Become The Fuel Of The Future
  • 13 days Millennials Can’t Retire, But They’ll Still Have To Help Their Parents

Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton

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Mr. Hamilton, a private investor and contrarian analyst, publishes Zeal Intelligence, an in-depth monthly strategic and tactical analysis of markets, geopolitics, economics, finance, and investing delivered from an explicitly pro-free market and laissez faire perspective.

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