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Alasdair Macleod

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Alasdair Macleod runs FinanceAndEconomics.org, a website dedicated to sound money and demystifying finance and economics. Alasdair has a background as a stockbroker, banker and economist. He is a Senior Fellow at the GoldMoney Foundation.

  • Gold Challenges $1350

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    From last Friday's close at $1322, gold opened strongly on Monday trading, as high as $1355 before losing two thirds of the rise on Tuesday.…

  • Profit Taking After Eight Consecutive Weeks of Rising Prices

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    The rise in the gold price ran into profit-taking on Wednesday. Having risen $160 to $1345 some short-term profit taking is only to be expected,…

  • Gold and Silver Extend Their Rallies Amid Escalating Chinese Demand For Gold

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    This week has seen precious metals prices rise strongly, with the bears caught on the hop. The chart below shows gold which at the time…

  • All Currencies Are an Inverse Pyramid Based on The Dollar

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    When US money supply measured by M2 stood at $11 trillion in December 2013, I calculate that total broad money of the next largest 50…

  • China's Gold Demand

    Published 14 February 2014 | viewed 0 times

    The China Gold Association http://www.cngold.org.cn/newsinfo.aspx?ID=995 this week released estimates for China's "gold consumption" for 2013 at 1,176 tonnes. Furthermore the CGA reported China's own gold…

  • Gold Soars Through $1300

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    Gold has now rallied over 10% since December 31. This, in the words of one analyst who achieved widespread publicity was meant to be "a…

  • Post-Lehman Era Coming to an End

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    When Lehman collapsed in 2008, the world stopped while the Fed implemented its plan to rescue America's banks and the world's financial system. This was…

  • Silver Outperforming

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    Since Monday financial markets have consolidated following the emerging market currency shocks of the previous week. Safe-haven bonds were strong initially, before tailing off yesterday.…

  • Emerging Markets, Interest Rates and Tapering

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    Thanks to the Fed's tapering, a wider public is becoming aware of currency instability in diverse economies, from Turkey to Argentina, and India to Indonesia.…

  • Tapering Blues for Precious Metals

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    The second tapering reduction, a further $10bn per month, was announced this week. It was we are told by the news channels fully expected. This…

  • FMQ Update and The Implications for Gold and Silver Valuations

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    By December, the most recent month for which statistics are available, the US dollar Fiat Money Quantity (FMQ) http://www.goldmoney.com/research/research-archive/The-fiat-money-quantity-FMQ had grown to $12.48 trillion. This…

  • Germany's Gold is The Story De Jour

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    It transpired last week that of the 43-odd tonnes per annum the Bundesbank expects to be returned from the New York Fed only 5 tonnes…

  • Why the West Sells Gold and China Buys It

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    A number of readers and bloggers have recently suggested there must be collusion between America and China over the transfer of physical gold from Western…

  • Something's Afoot in Gold and Silver

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    Almost unnoticed, Open Interest in gold futures has taken off spectacularly, increasing by over 35,000 contracts since the beginning of the month, which is shown…

  • Passive Commodity Funds Rebalancing

    Published 10 January 2014 | viewed 0 times

    Gold and silver prices fell from early highs this week of over $1240 and $20.20 respectively to find good support at $1220 and $19.40. The…

  • Index Trackers and Their Effect on Gold and Silver Futures

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    There are two main indices tracked by commodity tracker funds: the S&P-Goldman Sachs Commodities Index and the Dow Jones UBS Commodities Index. According to S&P…

  • A Notable Week for Precious Metals

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    Gold And Silver On The Turn? Encompassing the year end and its holiday on Wednesday, this week has been notable for precious metals. For gold…

  • Time-Preference And Gold

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    The future price of gold cannot be discussed without considering its implied discount rate expressed through time-preference. This is the relative desire to own goods…

  • Precious Metals in 2014

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    "Now the New Year reviving old desires The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires" Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Yes folks, it's that time of year again;…

  • FMQ Update

    Published 20 December 2013 | viewed 0 times

    By November, the most recent month for which statistics are available, the US Fiat Money Quantity (FMQ) had grown to $12.351 trillion. This is $4.96…