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Angelo Airaghi

Angelo Airaghi

Contributor since: 13 Nov 2011

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    Stocks are targeting the highs of 2008. However, the secular cycle that started in 2000 remains bearish. Citigroup is under pressure. As expected, the Federal…

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  • U.S.: The Unemployment Rate Could Rise Again

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    Unemployment is shrinking and the trend should persist over the coming months. However, longer-term cycles anticipate a new swing toward the highs. Greece is virtually…

  • Eur/Usd Will Decline Short-Term?

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    The power struggle continues in Washington D.C., while economic conditions are fragile and risk stays high. Athens was torched on Sunday. The E.C.B. could cut…

  • Euro/Usd Meets Key Resistance

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    The string of better-than-expected reports continues in the United States. At the contrary, the E.U. Summit did not provide any guidance on the main issues.…

  • The U.S. Dollar Will Fall and Gold Rise?

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    The Fed could keep Fed fund rates low until 2014 and does not dismiss another series of quantitative easing (QE3). The policy would possibly penalize…

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    The euro zone rating was downgraded, as the crisis is entering into its darkest phase. The U.S. economy is still healing and can withstand only…

  • USD/CAD Could Rise to 1.08

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    The U.S. dollar should increase further against the Canadian dollar supported by favourable economic and seasonal conditions. Canada is losing competitiveness? As the economic growth…

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    Do not get distracted by the end-of-year rally. In January, markets might fall again. Here is why. E.U. banks are short of credibility. On December…

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    The rise of the dollar could continue for the first part of 2012. Nonetheless, the longer-term picture is bearish for the greenback. U.S.: Housing Prices…

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    Berlusconi's reign is over. Mario Monti might be the best choice for Italy. He would need a broad-consensus and the time to complete the reforms.…