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Ashraf Laidi

Ashraf Laidi


Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Fed Opens Door for a January Pause

    Published 14 December 2005 | viewed 4,361 times

    In its 13th interest rate hike of the present tightening cycle, the Federal Open Market Committee made the much-anticipated change in its accompanying policy statement…

  • Brace for Crucial Data/Fed Week

    Published 10 December 2005 | viewed 3,184 times

    Next week shall be the last full trading week of the year, but it will also be one of the most crucial if not most-data-event…

  • US Stocks, Corporates Favorite amid Foreigners

    Published 17 November 2005 | viewed 4,676 times

    Net foreign capital flows into the US soared 15% to a record $101.9 billion in September from a revised $88.9 billion in August (initial reading…

  • Dollar Shrugs Record Deficit

    Published 11 November 2005 | viewed 3,578 times

    The US trade deficit soared by 11% in September to a record $66.1 billion from a revised $59.3 billion (initial $59.0 billion) in August. Imports…

  • Dollar/Yen Rally Concluded

    Published 09 November 2005 | viewed 3,865 times

    After posting its longest wining weekly run since Q4-2001-Q1 2002 to a 26-month high, USD/JPY is set for what appears to be a topping pattern,…

  • ECB's Readiness to Tighten will Cap the Dollar

    Published 02 November 2005 | viewed 3,835 times

    One evident difference between FX markets today and in September 20 Fed rate hike is that the dollar is closer to its peak fed funds…

  • GDP Propped by Govt & Consumers for Now

    Published 29 October 2005 | viewed 3,868 times

    The advanced report of US Q3 GDP showed a 3.8% annual growth from 3.3% in Q2. POSITIVES The report saw its largest positive contribution from…

  • US Residents Shun Foreign Bonds while Foreigners Rush into US Corporates

    Published 19 October 2005 | viewed 4,779 times

    Net foreign capital flows into the US rose 4% to $91.3 billion in August from a revised $87.5 billion in July (initial reading was $87.4…

  • Inflationary Dollar Shrugs Trade Deficit

    Published 14 October 2005 | viewed 3,935 times

    The US trade deficit grew 2% in August to $59.03 billion from a revised $57.96 billion (initial $57.94 billion) in July. Imports rose 1.8% to…

  • Dollar Rally Not Yet Over

    Published 07 October 2005 | viewed 9,378 times

    US non-farm payrolls fell by 35,000 in September from a revised 211,000 reading in August, while the unemployment rate jumped to 5.1% from 4.9% and…

  • How Much More for the Yen?

    Published 30 September 2005 | viewed 3,445 times

    The land of the rising sun may not observe daylight savings time, but the sunset on its currency is largely observed by global currency markets…

  • How Today's FOMC Statement Differs from the August 9 Statement?

    Published 21 September 2005 | viewed 4,223 times

    The Federal Open Market Committee decided today to raise its target for the federal funds rate by 25 basis points to 3- 3/4 percent. The…

  • The Latest on the Dollar's Imbalances

    Published 17 September 2005 | viewed 3,793 times

    Net foreign capital flows into the US rose 8% to $87.4 billion in July from a revised a $80.9 billion in June (initial reading was…

  • Dollar Boosted by Trade, Fed

    Published 14 September 2005 | viewed 4,131 times

    The US trade deficit shrank 3% in July to $57.94 billion from a revised $59.49 billion (initial $58.82 billion) in June. Imports fell 0.7% to…

  • Katrina to Trigger Fed's Rethink

    Published 03 September 2005 | viewed 4,876 times

    US non-farm payrolls rose by 169,000 in August from a revised 242,000 reading in June, while the unemployment rate fell to 4.9% and average hourly…

  • Dollar Exhaustion, Payrolls & the Fed

    Published 08 August 2005 | viewed 4,895 times

    The US dollar shows continued show signs of exhaustion despite evidence of consistent improvements in the job market and steady prospects of additional interest rate…

  • Abdullah Wears the Crown

    Published 02 August 2005 | viewed 5,003 times

    Saudi Arabia's King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud has died today at the age of 82 years old after 23 years on the throne. It's…

  • Advanced GDP Report Opens Questions Revisions

    Published 29 July 2005 | viewed 3,487 times

    The advanced report of the US Q2 GDP growth showed a 3.4% annual growth from 3.8% in Q4. The report saw its largest positive contribution…

  • Capital Flows Barely Cover for Deficit

    Published 19 July 2005 | viewed 4,604 times

    The dollar is losing ground across the board despite a 26% increase in net foreign capital flows into the US at $60 billion in May…

  • Deficit Shrinks on Temporary Oil Drop

    Published 14 July 2005 | viewed 3,609 times

    The US trade deficit fell 3% in May to $55.35 billion from a revised $56.90 billion (previous $56.96 billion) in April. Imports fell 0.9% to…