• 4 hours Russia Aims To Become World's Top Gold Producer
  • 20 hours Global Tech Stocks On Edge Over Trump TikTok Ban
  • 1 day Cobalt Squeeze Threatens The Electric Vehicle Boom
  • 2 days COVID Has Sparked A Surge In Cybercrime
  • 2 days Precious Metals Bulls Still Have Plenty Of Room To Run
  • 3 days The U.S. Has The Tech To Go Green, But Will It Use It?
  • 3 days Massive Losses Force Russian Commodities Giant To Slash Dividends
  • 4 days Markets Up On Stimulus Hope
  • 4 days UK To Invest In Europe's First Geothermal Lithium Recovery Plant
  • 5 days TikTok Takes Center Stage In US-China Tech War
  • 5 days Are Semiconductor Stocks Overvalued?
  • 6 days Jobs Report Doesn’t Say Much Amid COVID Uncertainty
  • 6 days Crypto FOMO Heats Up As Bitcoin Climbs Above $11,000
  • 7 days Aluminum Is Bouncing Back In China
  • 7 days The Deep-Sea Mining Debate
  • 8 days Markets Trending Down Despite Tech Blow-Out
  • 8 days Big Oil Battered On Dismal Earnings
  • 9 days Russian Billionaire Bails On Mid-Sized Gold Miner
  • 9 days Gold Stocks Gear Up For A Big Autumn
  • 10 days America Is Looking To Bring Nuclear Power To Space

Gary Dorsch

Gary Dorsch

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Mr Dorsch worked on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for nine years as the chief Financial Futures Analyst for three clearing firms, Oppenheimer Rouse Futures Inc, GH Miller and Company, and a commodity fund at the LNS Financial Group.

As a transactional broker for Charles Schwab's Global Investment Services department, Mr Dorsch handled thousands of customer trades in 45 stock exchanges around the world, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, the Euro zone, London, Toronto, South Africa, Mexico, and New Zealand, and Canadian oil trusts, ADR's and Exchange Traded Funds.

He wrote a weekly newsletter from 2000 thru September 2005 called, "Foreign Currency Trends" for Charles Schwab's Global Investment department, featuring inter-market technical analysis, to understand the dynamic inter-relationships between the foreign exchange, global bond and stock markets, and key industrial commodities.

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