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John Ing

John Ing

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    Mr. Obama's Robin Hood $4 trillion budget was dependent on $320 billion of additional taxes just to keep the deficit at $474 billon. His stubborn…

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    Capital markets are supposed to be free of manipulation yet there is little wonder that investors question the integrity of the global banking sector when…

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    Winter is coming. Drilling deeper into the record market levels, the US is unlikely to fully escape the global headwinds. Namely, in the past six…

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    Were Mr. Obama to be judged by his golf games rather than legislative changes, he would be a roaring success. Mr. Obama has played golf…

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    It is an immediate truth that timing is everything. And an almost immutable truth that no one gets it right. In 2008, the US economy…

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    Seventy odd years ago, the US established the dominance of the dollar enshrined by the Bretton Woods Agreement. Since then, the US supplied the world…

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    The global financial system is highly levered, with no margin for safety. A leaking sound can be heard. So much for record highs and hopes…

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    New Proposals, Same Fault-lines Washington's political gridlock and President Obama's repeated retreat from "red lines" has eroded confidence in this president raising questions about the…

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    Unfortunately governments today wallow in the hypocrisy of politics, particularly when it suits them. America's foreign policy is symptomatic of this hypocrisy from branding Egypt's…

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    Although this is the first time in the Fed's 100 year history to use Quantitative Easing (QE), it is not the first time the Fed…

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    Gold collapsed over 14 percent in two days in the sharpest tumble since 1983 raising fears that the twelve year bull market is over. Some…

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    Gold collapsed over 14 percent in the sharpest tumble since 1983 raising fears that its twelve year bullion is over. Some blame the collapse on…

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    The Cyprus "bail-in" is like no other, due in part to the ineffectiveness of previous eurozone bailouts. To be sure Cyprus had debt obligations far…

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    "A government cannot become insolvent with respect to obligations in its own currency. A fiat money system, like the one we have today, can produce…

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    America is more bankrupt, leveraged and vulnerable than Europe. And to finance its debt, one branch of the state (Treasury) borrows money from another branch…

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    Despite the $340 million settlement by Standard Chartered or MF Global's disappearance of $1 billion of customer funds that were somehow co-mingled with MF's proprietary…