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Jordan Roy-Byrne

Jordan Roy-Byrne

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010

  • Gold Could Lose Safe-Haven Bid as Equities Rebound

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    The fledgling rebound in the precious metals complex suddenly reversed course. Since the intraday peak last Thursday, gold stocks (GDX and GDXJ) declined about 13%…

  • Gold to Equities Ratios Have Bottomed

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  • The Effect of a Fed Rate Hike on Precious Metals

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    The markets have for the most part already priced in a Fed rate hike which is expected next week. Yesterday fed funds futures indicated an…

  • Relative Strength in Gold Stocks Portends to Rebound

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    A few weeks ago we warned that the gold miners were at risk of a technical breakdown. They struggled to rebound at support while Gold…

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    The bear market in the gold miners has been one for the record books but it is not over yet. Last week we noted that…

  • US$ Breakout Could Unleash Capitulation in Precious Metals

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    The precious metals sector has declined sharply in recent weeks with no pause or intermittent breaks in the decline. Including today, Gold is down eight…

  • Bearish Reversal in Precious Metals at Resistance...Again

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    The precious metals sector sharply reversed course after the Federal Reserve hinted that it may raise rates at its next meeting. This about face from…

  • Gold Miners Holding Gains in Bullish Fashion

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    We published a video update a few days ago discussing the short-term outlook for the precious metals sector which includes the gold miners. With regards…

  • Precious Metals Test Initial Resistance

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    The precious metals sector, after failing to breakdown has enjoyed a strong rally in recent weeks. Gold, Silver and junior gold miners (GDXJ) have reached…

  • Knockout Punch for Gold Bugs

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    Two months ago the precious metals complex became extremely oversold and ripe for a rebound. Two months later and the overbought condition and bearish sentiment…

  • Gold/Equities Ratios are Starting to Breakout

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    The vicious and ever enduring bear market in precious metals has coincided, amid a strong negative correlation, with a bull market in equities. The negative…

  • Bull Trap or Bottom in Gold and Gold Stocks?

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    As we know, Gold and gold mining stocks have been trapped in a bear market that has been severe in both price and duration. It…

  • Precious Metals Final Flush Beginning

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    While turmoil in global capital markets may ultimately benefit the precious metals sector, it certainly is not an immediate catalyst. As global markets have weakened…

  • Gold: Bullish in Real Terms, Bearish in Nominal Terms

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  • Precious Metals Reach Rebound Targets

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    Precious metals for the most part have reached their initial rebound targets. Gold has led the charge by pushing above $1140 to $1150/oz resistance (for…

  • Precious Metals Get a Reprieve

    Published 14 August 2015 | viewed 0 times

    The precious metals sector has held recent lows and a rebound is underway. Gold held $1080/oz for three straight weeks and has pushed as high…