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Kurt Richebächer

Kurt Richebächer

Contributor since: 26 Feb 2010


Dr. Kurt Richebacher is the editor of The Richebacher Letter. Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker once said: "Sometimes I think that the job of central bankers is to prove Kurt Richebächer wrong." A regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Strategic Investment and several other respected financial publications, Dr. Richebächer's insightful analysis stems from the Austrian School of economics. France's Le Figaro magazine has done a feature story on him as "the man who predicted the Asian crisis."

  • The New Growth Euphoria

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    Abstract: "...The underlying basic fact is that Americans, in the aggregate, have been spending and continue to spend in excess of their current income. What…

  • Employment Disaster

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    There has been much talk to the effect that America has just had its slightest recession in the whole postwar period. That is measured in…

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