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Prieur du Plessis

Prieur du Plessis

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With 25 years' experience in investment research and portfolio management, Dr Prieur du Plessis is one of the most experienced and well-known investment professionals in South Africa. More than 1 000 of his articles on investment-related topics have been published in various regular newspaper, journal and Internet columns. He also published a book, Financial Basics: Investment, in 2002.

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    Further to my post of yesterday, "Stocks: anticipator of economic health", where my conclusion was that the stock market is an excellent anticipator of underlying…

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    Stock markets are again heading north while market commentators question the health of the world economy and especially the situation in the U.S. But who…

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    In a recent article, Richard Russell, 86-year-old writer of the Dow Theory Letters, focused on dividend yield as a valuation yardstick. I thought it appropriate…

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    I noted the following on January 10 in a Words from the Wise review: "Will we perhaps look back at these assets [referring to bonds…

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    The latest Advisors Sentiment report from Investors Intelligence shows the bulls have edged up to 56.2% from 55.4% a week ago and 29.4% at the…

  • Manufacturing PMIs

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    I remarked in a post on Friday that the November manufacturing PMIs came in much stronger than the market and I expected. Only Spain, Italy…

  • Scary Picture: Spiraling U.S. Debt

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    The graph below, courtesy of Citywire, shows the expected change in government debt in 2011 versus the current debt for a number of countries. As…

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    The first trading day of December was off to a running start, with global stock markets gaining strongly yesterday on positive developments in Europe and…

  • China Manufacturing PMI: Somewhat Stronger Than Anticipated

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    The CFLP China Manufacturing PMI for November rose for the fourth consecutive month, to 55.2 compared to October's 54.7. Sources: Li & Fung; Plexus Asset…

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    I have argued on a number of occasions recently that I thought stock markets were in a corrective phase, expecting the process to continue to…

  • SP 500: Caveat Emptor!

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    The S&P 500 Index is entering expensive territory with the cyclically adjusted price-earnings ratio at 22.64 approaching the average of 25.0 from the post ICT…

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    I yesterday summarized my market view in a post entitled "Commodity prices - on a knife's edge". For some additional perspective, I consider the key…

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    The prices of industrial metals find themselves at crucial levels as indicated by the Economist Metals Price Index in U.S. dollar - the latest number…

  • Emerging Markets Showing Mature Markets a Clean Pair of Heels

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    I posted a table yesterday showing the public-debt situation of emerging vs mature countries. "The contrast is staggering ... This trend [of escalating debt in…

  • Chinese Stocks - Canary in the Coalmine?

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    In another move by the Chinese authorities to rein in its booming economy, China's central bank yesterday announced the third increase this year in the…

  • I Have Just Hedged My Equities By Going Long Volatility

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    I have often in the past referred to the CBOE Volatility (VIX) Index, also known as Wall Street's "fear index". This is a measure of…

  • Key Reversals on Stock Markets Point to Pullback

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    Stock markets on Friday plunged from their 19-month peaks on the back of the SEC charging Goldman Sachs with fraud related to subprime-related products. Although…

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    Ever since I started my investment career as a mining analyst in 1984, I have taken a keen interest in gold stocks. In particular, I…

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    Is the rising gold price conveying a particular message about higher inflation ahead? Glancing over a number of economic charts (while I am waiting for…

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    The US jobless report on Friday sparked a jump in Treasury bond yields, sending the yield on 10-year Notes to 3.95% - the highest level…