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Rambus Chartology

Rambus Chartology

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Rambus Chartology is Primarily a Goldbug TA Site where you can watch Rambus follow the markets on a daily basis and learn a great deal of Hands on Chartology from Rambus Tutorials and Question and Answers.

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    Below is a long term weekly chart we've been following which shows the breakouts and backtesting that have been going on for several months with…

  • Weekend Report.....The Magic of Gold Ratio Charts

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    The first point I would like to make is that many of you are probably wondering how I could reverse my long term bearish view…

  • HUI Update...Beautiful Chartology

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    Below is a two year daily chart for the HUI which I first showed you when the HUI broke above the double bottom hump to…

  • Weekend Report...Precious Metals Complex Reverse Symmetry

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    In mid January of this year it looked as if another leg down was in store for the precious metals complex. Most of the precious…

  • Weekend Report...An Easter Egg...The Jaws of Life

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    Today I would like to show you some more charts on some if the different stock market indices we looked at in the last Weekend…

  • Wednesday Report...Baby Gold Bull Stillborn?

    Published 24 March 2016 | viewed 0 times

    Today felt like a short covering rally during the bear market years in the PM complex only in reverse. Days like today can make one…

  • USDU Update...An Important Chart

    Published 16 March 2016 | viewed 0 times

    Last week I showed you this potential H&S top forming on the USDU which is a more evenly balanced index for the US dollar which…

  • Wednesday Report...The US Dollar, What If Everybody is Wrong?

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    It's been awhile since we last looked at the US dollar which has been consolidating its big impulse move up. The reason I haven't posted…

  • Gold Special Update...

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    Last week I showed you a daily line chart for GLD which I called a coiling triangle as the price action was getting more compressed…

  • Late Friday Night Charts...Gold Ratio Chartology Quietly Suggesting a Bottom

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    Tonight I would like to update a few of the ratio charts we've been following that are still showing an important low or bear market…

  • HUI ...Meet Me at The Bottomz Inn?

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    This is the Question on Everyone's mind. Earlier this week we looked at the expanding triangle as a possible reversal pattern as it was testing…

  • Wednesday Report... Inflection Points Galore

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    There is alot of action going on this week in all the different areas of the markets. The PM complex has been rallying, the US…

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    Today I would like to take a look at the PM complex as there are some interesting charts building out. Please don't confuse this report…

  • The Scariest Chart on the Planet

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    Excerpt from Tonight's Wednesday Report The implications of this 60 year quarterly chart for the CRB index is staggering if it completes this impulse move…

  • Wednesday Report...Breakouts

    Published 07 January 2016 | viewed 0 times

    Today felt like an inflection point in gold and the INDU with both breaking important trendlines. As there is alot of ground to cover tonight…

  • Wednesday Report...Big Picture, Big Moves Brewing

    Published 31 December 2015 | viewed 0 times

    Since gold topped out in 2011 it has been in a confirmed and unrelenting bear market. Since that bull market high in gold the INDU…

  • HUI:GOLD Ratio Chart...Another Grizzly Year!

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    I was just going over some old charts and came across this one which is a ratio chart that compares the HUI to gold going…

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    First I would like to apologize for not having any posts on Friday as I had a previous commitment made several weeks ago. I told…

  • HUI and Gold - Who's Leading Whom?

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    The Key Principle of this market analysing discipline we call Chartology: What makes the markets go up and down and sideways are investors emotions. From…