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6 Obnoxious COVID-19 Spends For The Rich

COVID-19 Wealth

In the American economic shutdown, the poor are suffering loss of jobs because they’re not benefitting from wealthy spending sprees amid COVID-19, while the rich … well, they’re just on an extended vacation. 

Celebrities are making fools of themselves as they try to play the everyman, and the non-celebrity wealthy are obnoxiously bingeing on things that will make the not-so-wealthy cringe at a time when hard-working people are wondering how much longer they can hold out. 

They don’t necessarily want hand-outs, and there’s no place in their world for sushi-to-go that costs nearly as much as rent, nor do they have the option of buying their own private island to wait it out. 

Here’s the SafeHaven.com list of top wealthy buys on their COVID-19 vacations:

#1 Private Chefs for an Expensive One-Off Meal

The wealthy are under quarantine like everybody else, but it seems they’ve realized they are not cut for cooking, even if their long-lost inner baker is calling them. 

During the pandemic, inquiries to hire in-house chefs have surged and several new companies have emerged as a result across New York City and California, connecting prospective clients with private, recently unemployed, home chefs.

For instance, the private cooking company the Culinistas charges as much as $250 a meal, not including the cost of groceries. The chefs procure the necessary groceries and bring them to cook in the client's kitchen, and they clean up afterwards, too. 

#2 We’re All In Food Delivery Together (Not Really)

“We’re all in this together,” many marketers and celebrities are telling on TV. But it is clear that we are “togethering” in a different way. Since the start of the pandemic, food delivery services and apps are experiencing a surge in demand, but the super-rich are doing it differently.

Those quarantined are reporting weeks-long waits on Instacart, Shipt and other leading platforms as demand is far outpacing supply. But for the wealthy, the wait is much shorter. That’s primarily because they use special grocery delivery services that cater specifically to the rich. 

For instance, with orders of $275 or more, Regalis Foods will throw in a free ounce of caviar. The company, which catered upscale restaurants before the pandemic, is now delivering to peoples’ homes, and it’s not just when you run out of flour or toilet paper: They’ll even deliver live king crab for $395.

Sushi eatery Masa, one of the priciest restaurants in the country, which was closed down in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has begun selling takeout meals for the price of $800. Only 20 box-sets are available per week.

The price appears to be a bargain, as the restaurant explained that it box feeds up to four people, making it about $200 per person, compared to the regular price which runs for $595 per person.

#3 Can’t Travel Safely? Book An Entire Hotel/Motel

Vacation rental platforms have seen the majority of their bookings canceled in a trend that has already been dubbed “AirBnB Apocalypse”. Several cities in the US and Canada have also  banned short-term rentals. However, there are few lucky hosts who have managed to lure in the wealthy by renting out their entire complex. 

While overall reservations have dropped between 50% and 60% a week since the outbreak, reservations in more remote areas have still been consistent.

CNN Travel reported that wealthy families are booking out entire hotels to wait out the quarantine. One of them is the Blantyre Country Resort, available for a small group or a single family for $38,000 a day. Several other hotels and inns across the country are offering unique packages for families. 

#4 Private Islands, Why Not?

In the last two months, upscale real estate agencies have been reporting a massive increase in inquiries for private islands for sale or rent in the Caribbean.  

One agency reported receiving a lot of “desperate” inquiries from people on yachts, who after being “stranded” offshore for weeks, are circling islands “trying to find a safe place to go and are willing to pay a premium”. 

#5 Survival Condos for Wealthy The rich are literally hunkering down.

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Bunker and bomb shelter manufacturers have seen business increase fourfold compared to the same period last year. U.S.-based bunker maker Survival Condo offers several models and the unit prices range from around $500,000 to $2.4 million and include facilities such as indoor pools, gyms and even rock climbing walls.

#6 The Travel Bag You Simply Must Have

Hand sanitizer is in short supply. People are piling toilet paper even if they aren't sure why. And every household should have an air purifier. But hunkering down and isolation is nothing without the ultimate survival bag. 

Anyone with an extra $5000 can now bug out in style. Emergency kit maker Preppi, whose sales increased 5,000% last month, is offering a bag that includes a satellite phone, night vision glasses, sleeping bags…and a Caviar Cooler Case and serving set. The basic model costs only $445.

For a more sober take, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends having at least one gallon of water per person per day, and a three-day supply of food--no caviar necessary. 

Earlier this week, the CDC warned that the novel coronavirus could have a second wave—which could be even more catastrophic than the last. According to historians, the 1918 pandemic also came in two waves. The first wave hits the poor, the second wave hits the rich, according to the academic research

By Josh Owens for Safehaven..com 

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