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The Investment Sector Defying A Global Pandemic


Amid a global pandemic that has collapsed more than 100,000 businesses and decimated entire sectors, one industry has ballooned to be bigger than Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and SnapChat combined. 

It’s thought to be  10x bigger than the marijuana industry. 

Some people think its total legal and illegal spending worldwide is approaching  $2 trillion, and it’s still growing strong in complete defiance of the pandemic.  

Welcome to the global sports betting industry, where merger mania is creating crisis-resistant powerhouses.  

And as sportsbooks are still pulling in tens of millions of dollars every month during the pandemic, one off-the-radar consolidation play offers some real opportunities: 

The first phase of the growing online gaming and sports betting industry was all about getting the tech right. The second phase is about bringing it all together.

A pioneer early entrant leader in sports betting technology is hitting Phase II hard, with major acquisitions.  

FansUnite Entertainment Inc. (CSE:FANS; OTCMKTS:FUNFF) launched on the Canadian Securities Exchange on May 5, just two months after scooping up UK-based McBookie--a profitable white-label sportsbook that has seen $350 million (CAD) in betting volume since inception, and now it’s hungry for more M&A.

Now, FansUnite’s latest merger announcement with Canadian esports darling Askott Entertainment will give it new B2C betting platforms and over 300,000 registered members as a combined entity.

The company has been building an international infrastructure behind the scenes that looks to seamlessly connect the world’s leading gaming platforms through new, cutting-edge technology.

And look for more FANS’ merger mania: It’s planning to scoop up more entities and swoop into new markets.   

Here are 5 reasons why you should keep an eye on FansUnite Entertainment Inc. (CSE:FANS; OTCMKTS:FUNFF)

#1 Gilt-Edged Mergers

Global betting and gaming leader William Hill (OTC:WIMHY)--a British bookmaker--has been snapping up key American sportsbook assets left and right, including Nevada bookmaker CG Technology in November. 

Flutter Entertainment (OTC:PDYPY)--another dominant British bookmaker--just completed a $12.2-billion takeover of The Stars Group creating the world’s largest online gaming company and huge market share in the US, UK and Australia. 

These British acquisitions have Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan convinced that they could end up with huge US market share.

The Stars Group scooped up by Flutter, has been on its own M&A trajectory since 2014, when it acquired the parent company of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, followed by its acquisition of UK-focused Sky Betting & Gaming in 2018 as well as Australian online sports betting business BetEasy in December 2019. In 2018, the company also entered a major partnership with Fox Sports to develop sports betting platforms under the Fox Bet banner.

The company’s shares have gained more than 500% since 2014 despite some choppy trading over the years, and it’s one of the first Canadian success stories in this industry. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

After Flutter, Eldorado Resorts (ERI) announced its own mega-merger with industry giant Caesar’s Entertainment (CZR). Just two weeks ago, Caesar’s announced that it will be accepting Eldorado’s massive $18 billion offer, receiving the go ahead from the Federal Trade Commission just a few days later. “We are delighted to announce the FTC’s approval of our planned Merger with Caesars, which is expected to create the largest owner and operator of U.S. gaming assets,” noted Eldorado CEO Tom Reeg.

And right in the thick of the COVID pandemic, giant DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG) is merging with Diamond Eagle, a special purpose acquisition company, as well as SBTech, a back-end technology provider.

DraftKings' stock has nearly tripled since the merger, taking its valuation to $12.7B less than two months since the event.

Source: CNN Money

The M&A strategy is a tried-and-proven model in this industry.

And FansUnite (CSE:FANS; OTCMKTS:FUNFF) is right on the merger money with its own acquisition fast-track. 

FansUnite’s corporate strategy is to acquire technology platforms and assets with high-growth potential in new or developing markets.

In March, the company acquired UK-based McBookie, a white-label sportsbook that offers sports, casino and virtual games wagers to its approximately 10,000 active members. McBookie has garnered over $100 (USD) million in betting volume through its system over the past three years. 

Now, it’s acquiring something much, much bigger: Canadian esports giant Askott Entertainment--a key player that has been working closely with Tier 1 partners since 2013. 

The acquisition will make FansUnite one of Canada’s leading online gaming companies, focused on sports betting, esports wagering and casino games. 

The deal will give the combined entity four live B2C platforms that have generated over CAD$350 million in wagers since inception and over 300,000 registered members--and counting. 

It will also give FansUnite four B2B contracts, with two live already and generating revenue with leading esports companies. 

The deal also puts two esports-themed casino games under the FansUnite umbrella--both of which will be released this year on multiple casino games aggregators. And more games are in development, with applications already completed for B2C and B2B gaming licenses and licenses expected to receive in the next few weeks from the Malta Gaming Authority.

It also gives FansUnite an even bigger pool of seriously seasoned executives with decades of experience in esports, sports betting, casino, poker and the ever-important licensing and government relations specialists that are key to increasing shareholder value. 

We’re looking at a company that was already a global leader in esports tech, with a number of firsts under its belt. 

Askott was the first to launch a daily fantasy site dedicated to esports. 

It was the first esports betting brand to receive an Isle of Man back in 2017. 

It was recently shortlisted by EGR Magazine for esports Betting Supplier of the Year. 

Now, FansUnite is growing from global esports tech leader to a much bigger offering that rounds in traditional sports and casinos for the most complete iGaming solution out there--and it’s eyeing a much bigger market. 

#2 This Industry Thrives, No Matter What

FansUnite (CSE:FANS; OTCMKTS:FUNFF) has a consolidation plan at prime time for an industry on a fast-track legalization push to grab a share of up to $2 trillion in betting revenues up for grabs. And this is an industry that is not only immune to this crisis, but thriving on it. 

As it turns out, sports betting powerhouses don’t even need the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. 

New online platforms are offering bets on just about anything you can think of--from online gaming and virtual sports to award shows and reality TV shows. You can even bet on table tennis, snooker and horse racing.

Because of it’s fantastic flexibility, sportsbooks are still pulling in tens of millions of dollars every month--even more so during these days of social distancing when people need more at-home entertainment. 

Online betting has exploded over the past decade, thanks in large part to the overwhelming popularity of sports betting including fantasy sports and esports.

Covid-19 has done nothing to slow it. 

Legal online poker site operators in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware--the four states that allow it--reported record revenues in March, with New Jersey operators reporting a combined $3,629,112 that month, good for 90% year-on-year growth. Mind you, those are revenue figures not gross bookings, which can be up to 40x higher.

Source: Toptal

The overall sports betting market is much bigger because the vast majority of it takes place in unregulated markets and on illegal betting websites. In fact, some say total worldwide sports betting is an estimated staggering $1.8 trillion. That’s bigger than Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) with its market cap of $1.5 trillion.

In the 2018 Super Bowl Finals that saw New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles, Americans bet a staggering $4.76 billion on that single game. A whopping 97% of that money flowed through unregulated channels.

#3 Grabbing A Piece of the Market

FansUnite’s (CSE:FANS; OTCMKTS:FUNFF) merger-mania timing is spot on for another reason, too: The floodgates have finally opened with the removal of various regulatory hurdles. 

In 2018, the US Supreme Court delivered a landmark ruling wherein it struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992.

This paved the way for states to legalize sports betting. Until then, Nevada was the only state with legal single-game wagering, with Delaware, Oregon, and Montana operating more limited state-run sports lotteries.

Right now, any of the U.S. 50 states is at liberty to legalize sports betting in its own jurisdiction.

States everywhere will be rushing to stake their claim on the  U.S.  betting industry by legalizing--and taxing it. 

Nearly two years after the shackles were removed, ~75% of US states have introduced legislation to legalize sports wagering, with sports betting legal in one form or the other in 24 states.

Source: Legal Sports Report

That’s a big deal because the U.S. is the largest sports betting venue in the world, estimated at more than $150 billion

A total of 18 countries have already legalized sports betting across the globe and more are expected to continue opening their doors to gaming as the years roll on.

In the U.K. where sports betting has been legal for years, nearly half of the population partakes in activity on a regular basis.

#4 Pioneering Tech, White Label Revenue  

This industry is all about the tech, and this is where “bookies” become digital gods.  

And FANS is all about harnessing its own tech as a solution to other players in the industry. 

It’s built out an internet infrastructure to connect gaming platforms through new technology.

FansUnite (CSE:FANS; OTCMKTS:FUNFF) will offer a broad range of match offerings, pre-match and live markets as well as live match streams.

But it’s a future-facing solution that targets the entire industry, offering Tier 1 players increased regulatory certainty, transparency and significant cost savings for both operators and consumers. 

FANS has its own proprietary sportsbook as well as a full-service white label solution aimed at taking in other sports books through the integration of cutting-edge technologies and business growth opportunities, both launching later this year. 

This unique white label tech model means that FansUnite is not tying itself to just one market, but rather is looking to quickly seize opportunities wherever and whenever they arise around the world. 

McBookie alone has had annual betting volume through its system of about $33M over the past three years. 

FANS is still hot on the acquisition track, and based on McBookie alone, a couple more similar acquisitions and FansUnite is aiming at volumes in excess of $100M per year, probably in less than 3 years.

And when it comes to transparency, it doesn’t get much cleaner than this high-tech solution, which means that “bookies”--as reinvented by FANS--will no longer be tainted. 

Online casinos face a variety of trust hurdles from both consumers and regulators. Questions of legality come into play when winning and losing real money is involved, as well as the question of who to trust with your credit card and personal information i.e. whether the site is properly encrypted to prevent phishing attacks. 

FANS and McBookie are squeaky clean.

McBookie is based in Scotland where it now operates under a sub-license granted by the UK Gambling Commission. Its users are able to settle any betting disputes through the IBAS, a U.K.-based third-party independent arbitrator whose rulings are binding on registered operators up to the tune of £10,000. McBookie withdrawals take, on average, two days.

After completing the acquisition of Askott, the new entity has applied for and will likely receive two gaming licenses from Malta: One for the B2B arm and another for B2C. 

In a nutshell, both FansUnite players and investors can enjoy full peace of mind knowing that their backs are covered by a fully accountable and responsible company as well as established regulatory bodies.

#5 Super Tag Team

FansUnite (CSE:FANS; OTCMKTS:FUNFF) is perfectly positioned to capitalize on these huge markets since it not only offers online sports betting to the UK market--one of the biggest sports betting capitals in the world-- but also because it provides technology solutions, products and services to the entire global gaming and entertainment communities. 

In other words, FansUnite is both a sportsbook and a gaming solutions provider, allowing it to double-dip into revenue streams.

And to achieve this, FANS has assembled a Board of Directors and management team with decades of experience in traditional sportsbook management, casino, data, and executive responsibilities--and with the Askott acquisition, they’ve just doubled up on these big names, bringing their years of experience in the industry to over 100, so it’s safe to say they know what they are doing. 

FANS has spent the last two years building their tech and navigating the sports betting industry and that’s earned CEO Darius Eghdami a spot-on Canada’s Next 150 Top Entrepreneurs list. 

But he’s only just getting started with what is turning out to be one of the strongest teams in Canada’s sports betting space. 

The end goal is to be the next DraftKings or Stars Group--only higher-tech. 

It’s a small-cap entry point with tremendous opportunity in an industry that is bursting at the seams, hotter-than-hot with M&A, defying any risk--including a pandemic--that the world can throw at it, and ready more than ever for transparency. 

This is where the best in proprietary technology creates the transparent casino of the future.

Other companies looking to ride this gaming wave:

MGM Resorts (NYSE:MGM) has solidified deals with the biggest leagues in the country: basketball, hockey and professional baseball have all signed on to allow MGM to cross-promote the company’s casinos and sports betting app.

So far, MGM can only handle bets for teams based in states where betting has been formerly legalized.

By far the biggest prize is the National Football League, and MGM has already got its foot in the door. With Pennsylvania about to embrace legal sports betting, both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be fair-game.

As more states legalize, MGM can leverage its resources, properties and digital footprint to bring more and more sports betting market share under its control. As sports betting grows, expect MGM to reap the benefits.

Penn National Gaming (NYSE:PENN), the almost $4-billion market cap casino company, is placing its biggest bet yet with a $3.1-million gamble that the house will win. The deal is the biggest insider purchase in 15 years. And it’s all about sports betting. Penn is planning to launch sports betting at five Mississippi casinos and its Hollywood Casino.

It also got a boost a while back on news that it would acquire Detroit’s Greektown Casino-Hotel’s operations for $300 million from Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, the founder of Detroit-based Quicken Loans.

By. Sally Dobson


FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS: Certain information contained herein may constitute "forward-looking information" under Canadian securities legislation. Forward-looking statements may include, without limitation, statements relating to future outlook and anticipated events, such as the satisfaction of the conditions precedent and subsequent consummation of the Askott transaction; expanded consumer base, business base ,offerings and gaming licenses; the growth of the online gambling market; its plan to grow by acquisition; the combined companies’ ability to scale its platforms, to enter into new and emerging international gaming markets, to capture the growing demand of gamblers and to become a global gaming leader; the strengths, characteristics and potential of the combined company; the company’s ability to become one of Canada's leading gaming companies; the ability to launch a proprietary sportsbook as well as a full-service white label solution aimed at taking in other sports books in the coming year; and discussion of future plans, projections, objectives, estimates and forecasts and the timing related thereto. Forward-looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements of FansUnite to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Matters that may affect the outcome of these forward looking statements include that gaming may not turn out to have as large a market as thought or be as lucrative as thought as a result of competition or other factors; FANS may not be able to offer a competitive product or scale up  as thought because of consumer tastes for its online product, lack of capital, lack of facilities, regulatory compliance requirements or lack of suitable employees or contacts; FANS’s intellectual property rights applications may not be granted and even if granted, may not adequately protect FANS’ intellectual property rights; risk factors for the online sports gaming industry in general also affect FANS including without limitation the following:  competitors may offer better terms to potential M&A acquisition targets, or no such target may actually be acquired even if agreements are signed; competitors may offer better online gaming products luring away FANS’s customers; technology changes rapidly in the gaming and esports business and if FANS fails to anticipate or successfully implement new technologies or adopt new business strategies, technologies or methods, the quality, timeliness and competitiveness of its products and services may suffer; FANS may experience security breaches and cyber threats; regulators may impose significant hurdles to online gaming companies; FANS may not receive applied for gaming licenses; FANS’s business could be adversely affected if consumer protection, data privacy and security practices are not adequate, or perceived as being inadequate, to prevent data breaches, or by the application of consumer protection and data privacy laws generally; the products or services FANS distributes through its platform may contain defects, which could adversely affect FANS’ reputation. Additional information regarding the risks and uncertainties relating to the Company's business are contained under the heading "Risk Factors" in the Company's Non-Offering Prospectus dated March 27, 2020 filed on its issuer profile on SEDAR at www.sedar.com. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.


PAID ADVERTISEMENT. This communication is a paid advertisement and is not a recommendation to buy or sell securities. Financialmorningpost.com, Joint Salty Holdings Corp., and their owners, managers, employees, and assigns (collectively, “we” or the “Company”) has been paid by the profiled company to disseminate this communication. In this case the Company has been paid by FansUnite seven thousand US dollars per month on a 12 months contract for market awareness including postings and articles. This compensation is a major conflict with our ability to be unbiased, more specifically:

This communication is for entertainment purposes only. Never invest purely based on our communication. Gains mentioned in our newsletter and on our website may be based on end-of- day or intraday data. We have been compensated by FansUnite to conduct investor awareness advertising and marketing for CSE: FANS. Financialmorningpost.com receives financial compensation to promote public companies. Therefore, this communication should be viewed as a commercial advertisement only. We have not investigated the background of FANS. The profiled company, or their affiliates may liquidate shares of the profiled company at or near the time you receive this communication, which has the potential to hurt share prices. Frequently companies profiled in our alerts experience a large increase in volume and share price during the course of investor awareness marketing, which often end as soon as the investor awareness marketing ceases. The investor awareness marketing may be as brief as one day, after which a large decrease in volume and share price is likely to occur.

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NOT AN INVESTMENT ADVISOR. The Company is not registered or licensed by any governing body in any jurisdiction to give investing advice or provide investment recommendation. ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and consult with a licensed investment professional before making an investment. This communication should not be used as a basis for making any investment.

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