Market 'Up Thrusts' vs. Declining Volume Readings

By: Marty Chenard | Fri, Apr 30, 2010
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What makes for a good market technician?

Three things:
1. Good data that the general public doesn't have.
2. Great analytical models that clearly express what "is really happening" in the markets.
3. Experience and good judgment.

Most investors lack #1 and #2. Take a look at today's model and data for instance.

Today's chart shows something as simple as the New York Stock Exchange's Declining Volume. This chart goes back to July 2009. Out of the past 8 market up thrusts during that time, this model has identified all 8.

Note when the model shows that the inverted declining volume moved up over the horizontal line. In each case, the market also began a new up move.

The last one was the beginning of April ... but, before feeling too bullish, take a look at where the indicator is now. It is during such times that pull backs occur and it during these times that investors should take cautionary stances or actions.

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NYSE Declining Volume



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