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Saving Gold to Save America?

If your government is derelict in its duties, you're the one who is stuck with the job.

Fortunately in this case, this is in fact something you yourself can do far better, and more effectively, than any US administration ever could. You can't get the (probably squandered away) national gold stocks back, but you can help make sure that this country isn't rendered helpless in a concerted currency attack. 

You can do this by making sure that you and your family don't suffer unnecesarily when the world goes back on a quasi gold-standard (what I call the "freegold" standard) under the euro-model, and the US is left sitting on a pile of paper - and no gold!

Here is the gist of this article up-front, in bullet format, so you can decide if you want to spend the time reading it:

 • The dollar suffers when the price of gold rises - more than any other currency.

 • To prevent that from happening, and to keep demand for dollars strong world-wide, the US government and US fincancial powers in the past were forced to "bash" gold at every turn.

 • In the process of "bashing" gold, the US most certainly has either sold, leased, or otherwise encumbered a large portion of the US public gold reserves (much of which was confiscated from Americans in 1933 by FDR).

 • This has been amply documented by an organization named "GATA" (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) and its supporters - as far as is possible outside of a courtroom setting. For purposes of this article, I therefore take the position that this gold is no longer available to United States citizens. (If anyone wants to argue that this is not so, I will defer that argument until after the discovery stage of the current lawsuit by Blanchard & Co. vs. Barrick is concluded.)

 • The (paper derivatives of) gold thus mobilized, mainly during the nineties, have flooded the market and depressed the amount of paper-dollars that an ounce of gold would fetch.

 • During the nineties, and continuing until today, foreign powers, chiefly among whom should be noted Communist China and the Muslim world, have quietly purchased this "mobilized" gold.

 • China is now freeing its gold markets to allow individuals to buy, own, and sell gold.

 • The Muslim world is busily lauching its "Gold-Dinar" currency and wants to use it in international trade.

 • Europe has launched its single currency, the euro, which structurally favors, and benefits from, higher gold prices - much in opposition to the US dollar.

 • The dollar, having been the world's only trade and reserve currency for nearly sixty years, is now a captive currency. It is captive to its own bloated trade and current-account deficits, captive to other nations' decision to sell off their dollar reserves, and captive to a world gone "pro-gold" all of a sudden.

 • In the face of its historical propensity to squander the people's national gold stock, the US is even more so captive to nations or powers that currently collaborate to push up the price of gold in order to attack the US dollar's power base.

 • A captive US population (you and I) has been trained by politicians, bankers, financial advisors, stock brokers, and financial media to believe that gold is a "relic" of the past, and has no further use in modern investing.

 • Only less than 2% of Americans own any physical gold, other than maybe jewelry.

 • Trillions of dollars now in international use have already begun their inexorable path "home" to US shores. Central banks around the world are slowly divesting themselves of their dollar reserves, buying gold-friendly euros instead.

 • Russia has just announced it will henceforth sell oil only for euros. See this article.

 • All former international support by way of currency intervention is in principle gone. What little overt and covert support remains is meant for ensuring only a smooth transition from a dollar to a euro and gold-based world economy.

 • All of these returning dollars will further blow up the already growing dollar-bubble at home, causing severe US price-inflation.

 • That will leave the US isolated, economically depressed, dependent on buying other currencies or gold to pay for its imports, without the economic means for supporting its defense function - and possibly without the necessary gold to compete with other, newly emerging power blocs in the world arena - and maybe even at home.


When the US government is too backed into its own corner to "see the light", stop shorting gold, and launch the dollar into a new, gold-positive trajectory, it is incumbent upon individual Americans to do what their government neglects to do.

Why is the US government so negelctful? It's almost as if they agree that the US will from here on out play only second fiddle in world affairs, and possibly be "integrated" into a new region, giving up its thus far coveted national sovereignty.

Who would rule under such an arrangement? Those who "got the gold" (and the oil).

Where does that leave you, the individual American citizen?

Where does that leave your personal pocketbook, your stock-portfolio, your 401k, IRA, or whatever (when the value of anti-gold paper-dollars dwindles to nothing)?

Where does that leave your constitutionally guaranteed, inalienable rights to liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness within the framework of the law?

All of the above treasures are left in your individual hands.

Do not count on your government to stand by you when this onslaught begins in earnest.


You can't force your government to make sense if it doesn't want to. So what's left?

 • You can save gold (instead of paper-dollar "money") - and don't sell it! Sell only what you need to live on, whenever necessary. Don't "cash it in" to chase illusory paper-profits. Paper will soon be worthless.

 • You can save gold incrementally, just like you would sock away your normal savings into a 401k, IRA, or whatever..

Maybe an ounce a month is right for you. Maybe less. Maybe more. But save! Save consistently, diligently. Save Gold, not paper!

Gold will soon be the only thing that retains true value when the chips come down - and the chips have already been tossed. They just haven't hit the ground yet.


Maybe not much, by itself. But if millions of others like you do likewise, this country has a chance to survive - and stay free.

Just like only a truly informed citizenship can stay free, long-term, so can only a financially independent (from government handouts) citizenship stay free.

This article is a call to everyone who cares to promote this concept to whoever you think also cares.

Whether you are an influential writer, analyst, contributor to gold web sites, newsletter writer, individual investor, or just someone who's trying to figure out how not to lose your life's savings to the coming dollar hyper-inflation, if you care about your family's freedom, your children's and grandchildren's freedom, you will save gold.

Not paper gold.

Not gold stocks (although they can be very beneficial).

Not gold futures contracts, or gold options, or other gold derivatives.

But gold itself.

Let your friends and neighbors say you are "backwards", "out of touch" etc. Who cares? Who will have their wealth intact when those falling chips hit the ground?

When the citizens are well-informed, well armed, and financially secure, it matters little what government does or doesn't do. The country can stay free and prosperous.

Likewise, when the citizens are ill-informed, unarmed, and financially dependent on government handouts, it matters little what government does. The country will be neither free nor prosperous.

The "Saving Gold to Save America" plan is laid out here. I would hope that enough people have enough sense to follow this plan and help promote it to others. It wasn't my idea, but I think it is a great idea, so I promote it. I make no money from it. Nobody does - except you. And that is how it should be.

Helping yourself stay free helps America stay free.

Will this avoid all of the problems the politicians (through our mandate) have dished up for us?

No. But it leaves us a fighting chance.

God Bless America (the real America) - which is you, not your government.

Got gold?

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