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Food Producer Stock Positioned for a Boost!

1/4/2010 6:47:24 PM

Trading Approach

Identifying fundamentally stellar stocks poised technically to breakout for big profits.

Company Description

ConAgra Foods (CAG) operates as a food company in North America and internationally. It operates in two segments, Consumer Foods and Commercial Foods.. The company was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.

Fundamental Picture

This company has stellar fundamentals led by impressive earnings growth and expanding operating margins.

Technical Outlook

ConAgra has a nice long-term uptrend in place, which is being confirmed by the recent bullish MACD crossover. Combine this with a strong fundamental profile makes this stock an attractive trade opportunity.

Trading Action Plan for the Week

Stock Entry: Buy shares of ConAgra (CAG) at 22.98 or better.

Option Entry: Buy the March 22.5 call (CAGCK) at 1.10 or better.

Profit Target Exit: 25.30.

Please note that we will use this price as an initial guide but we will gradually move up our trailing stop to realize as much of the breakout as possible while protecting our profits.

Stop-loss Exit: 21.70.

As the stock starts to breakout we will move the trailing stop up to protect any accrued profits on our stock and option positions.

Review of Open Positions

Trade Date Symbol Trade Trade Comments
11-23-09 HIG Long the stock at 25.16 and long the January 25 call at 1.60. Keep the profit target at 41 and keep the stop at 23. Will look to roll the option or exit this week due to the fact that we are approaching expiration.
12-28-09 BBD Long the February 20 call at 1.65 and long the stock at 20.95. Keep the profit target at 27 and move the trailing stop to 22.20 to protect profits.

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